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James Crossley (1800-1883) Papers
James Crossley (1800-1883) Papers
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His correspondents are numerous, but a high profession of the letters are from members of the Chetham Society such as Thomas Corser, Canon Rainees, Canon Parkinson, and William Fleming. The earlier letters are more varied and include some from such persons as Southey, John Forster, Blackwood, Halliwell-Phillipps, Alexander Dyce, and Charles Cowden-Clarke.
James Crossley (1800-1883) Papers
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James Crossley was a lawyer in Manchester by profession, but by inclination a kind of literary and antiquarian dilettante. During his earlier years he contributed widely to such journals as Blackwood's Magazine, the Retrospective Review and the Quarterly Review, but his early promise was somehow never really fulfilled, though he later edited many volumes for the Chetham Society and counted among his friends many of the most distinguished literary figures of his time. Crossley was a lover of good food and wine but also an enthusiastic antiquarian and an avid book collector, being the possessor of an immense library of 100,000 volumes, which gradually filled up his house at Cheetham in a disorderly jumble. He was unmarried.
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