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Autographs Letters: General Collection
Autographs Letters: General Collection
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Volume 1Guido Adler, Isabella Banks, Hilaire Belloc to W.E. Axon 24 Apr 1907, Sir F.R. Benson, Phyllis Bentley, William Thomas Best, Angela Georgina Baroness Burdett-Coutts, Ferricuio Benvenuto Busoni 4 Jan 1913, George Canning, Sir James Clark, Sir Edward Codrington, Thomas John Dibdin, Charles Dickens to The Preston Institute for the Diffusion of Knowledge 15 Jul 1850, Charles Dickens to Elizabeth Gaskell 6 Dec 1852, St John Greer Ervine 26 Nov 1935 and 25 Jan 1936, Emily Faithfull, William Wentworth Fitzwilliam to Bardsley 17 Oct 1819, George Mursell Garrett, Reynaldo Hahn, Sir Charles Halle, Eduard Hecht, Sir George Henschel, Willy Hess, Sir Sidney Lee, Thomas McCormick, Sir George Alexander Macfarren, Arthur Henry Mann, Sir Graham Moore, Thomas NorthVolume 2Algernon Percy 4th Duke of Northumberland (signed when Baron Prudhoe), Sir Charles Beaumont Phipps, Rasch, John Ruskin to Rev. Walter Lucas Brown 15 Jun 1848, John Ruskin to Miss Florence Barber 16 Sep and 3 Oct 1880, Anna Maria Russell (Duchess of Bedford), Sir Charles Santley, Sir Charles Villier Stanford, Maggie Teyte, Thomas Thompson, Sir Henry Wheatley, Princess Helena Augusta Victoria, Queen Victoria,
Autographs Letters: General Collection
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