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Arthur Troyte Griffith Collection
Arthur Troyte Griffith Collection
19th cent.
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Vol. 1 Scrapbook Vol. 2 A-FVol. 3 G-OVol. 4 P-Z
Arthur Troyte Griffith Collection
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19th cent.
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These letters were originally the property of Arthur Troyte Griffith, a Malvern architect, friend of Sir Edward Elgar, and 'Troyte' of the Enigma Variations. The scrapbook bears Griffith's most attractive bookplate inside its front cover, but the letters which make up the collection seem mostly to have been accumulated by his mother, Harriet Dyke Troyte, whose signatures appears on the flyleaf of the volume, and who married George Griffith, a master at Harrow and, from 1862-1902, Assistant General Secretary of the British Association. Harriet was grand-daughter of Sir Thomas Dyke Aclan who became the 11th Baronet was a politician and educational reformer. The letters are of considerable value. They include many notably personalities - amongst famous name represented are the Price of Wales, the Duke of Wellington, Dean Stanley, Benjamin Jowett, Ruskin, Faraday, Tennyson, Gladstone, Lord Kelvin, Roscie, Lyell, Rutherford, T.H. Huxley, Murchison, General Gordon, Lord Curzon, Elgar, Hardy, Bernard Shaw and John Nash, the architect. Unfortunately there is a tendency for one letter only to have been preserved from each famous name and it is sad to find numerous signatures, chopped off from the ends of letters. The other letters appear to be of three main groups: - those written to Harriet Dyke Troyte, her grandfather and uncles, and including a variety of theologians, Oxford dons and politicians - those written by scientists to George Griffith on British Association business - those to Troye Griffith in connection with Malvern Musical Society.
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