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Autograph Letters: Mike Smith Collection
Autograph Letters: Mike Smith Collection
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(Some signatures are illegible)BOX 1FILE 1George MorelandWilliam TheobaldEdward Spencer DodgsonChristopher HillHedley LucasLord Francis-WilliamsMichael KennedyHilda M. McGillRevd. A. B. GrimaldiJessica LofthouseJoyce StrangerRobert NeillDouglas ReemanMargaret PowellOlivia ManningSpikeJ. T. ChapmanMargaret DrabbleLeonard CottrellHedley LucasCompton MackenzieMorris L. WestH. R. F. KeatingJane DuncanFrederick ForsythDavid CecilWilliam BeckwithSamuel LaycockL. S. Smith [of the No Conscription Fellowship]Harry ForshawJ. W. MartinJ. Reginald AshworthThe seal of Edward ElgarA. F. MaitlandTwo envelopes of signatures (A-H and J-W) taken from letters to George Griffiths of the Manchester Guardian, 1800sFILE 2Cuttings on John Bright and Edwin WaughA. WaterhouseSir Frank FrancisHenry William Paget, 1st Marquis of AngleseyGraham ReynoldsSir John PotterWarren de la Rue (1815-1889), astronomer, inventorArthur EvansGeorge F. WilsonEdward Young, headmaster, Sherbourne SchoolJacolyn ManningBertram DobellJoseph Thompson, Tramways CommitteeLetters of criticism on competition designs for Town HallJ. A. GreenPrideauxHeywood WilsonW. E. A. AxonJ. Millicent JastJohn MasefieldLetter to Marie Sophie TaglioniAlfred A. MumfordHenri NardiniArchibald Prentice'Town and Country. A Pastoral Dialogue', anon.Sir Thomas BirchJohn BrightUnidentified autographs, newscuttings and notes on cataloguing MS collectionsFILE 3: Papers of James CrossleyShort stories 'Mr Delmour's first speech in Parliament: a tale' and 'Abu Abdalloh, of the Buffoon - King of Grenada; a tale', and various lettersBOX 2FILE 4Frank GreenwoodD. H.. L. HowardCharles SwannJohn BetjemanT. D. BarlowDorothy E. CollinsFrank GreenwoodG. F. MandeyJ. C. PrinceWilliam E. A. AxonL. C. CasartelliC. Reginald GrundyShackletonCecil MiddletonGarfield WilliamsC. AbrahamRendel HarrisJohn PringleElizabeth LaneJames HordenHenry J. WellsW. F. CottrellC. Jenners Typescript copy of 'Notes on Clay Tobacco Pipes and Clay Pipe Makers in Cheshire' by George Cooper SpenceFILE 5: 'Letters of Great Handelians'GrimaldiArneDubourgBordoniJ. BeardJohann Jacob HeideggerFILE 6: Papers of William Henry Hudson (1841-1922) author, naturalist and ornithologist'The Two White Houses''Birds in a Village'Newspaper cuttingsLetters to Miss L. Gardiner, R.S.P.B. LibrarianRelated Material:See also:Autograph Letters: W.H. Hudson CollectionAutograph Letters: Crossley Papers
Autograph Letters: Mike Smith Collection
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