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Photographs of 19th Century worthies and places
Photographs of 19th Century worthies and places
19 cent.
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Those marked amateur are probably by John Harland.With those marked Petschler many can be identified as by other photographers: Mudd, Wardley or Fischer.Petschler was a commercial producer of C.D.Vs for the Trade. Later the company became the Manchester Photographic Company.1. R.R. Bealey. W. Moffatt. 105 Market Street, Manchester2. Members of British Association Committee, at Fairbairns, president Manchester meeting 1862. A. Brothers 14 St. Ann's Square Manchester 3. Birket Foster. Cundall Downes & Co. (Annotated Birkett Foster)4. Sam Bamford age 78. The offices of the Regiment Infantry. W. Hondshaw, 109 Regent Rd, Salford.5. Robert Chambers, 1864. T. Rodgers, St. Andrews.6. William Makepeace Thakerey. Cundall Downes & Co New Bond Street, London. (Annotated Thackeray)7. Thomas Carlyle. William Jeffery, London8. Rev Charles Kingsley. Mason & Co. Amen Corner, London9. Rev James Martineau. Unknown (amateur)10. Rev. John James Taylor. B.A. Mall & Polyblank, London11. William Fairbairn. (Collodion) LLD.F.R.S. & Co. A. Brothers12. Sir John Bowring.LLD & Co. G.A. Dean. Duke St. Douglas Isle of Man13. Llewellyn Jewitt F.S.A. M. Charles Midland Road Derby14. George Dawson M.A. Unknown (amateur)15. John Bright M.P. H.J. Whitlock, New St. Birmingham16. Earl of Derby. Kilburn, Regent St, London17. Thomas Carlyle. James Mudd, 10 St. Ann's Square, Manchester18. Untitled F. Devine. Princess St Edinburgh (photographer and miniature painter)19. William Mort. Charles Wright. 235 High Holborn20. Professor Sedgwick. Edwards, Regent Street London21. 'Grisi' unknown22. Madame Nantiere Didice. A. Brothers. From an engraving. Listed as the first photograph by magnesium light. 23. Sir Henry Holland. Bart. M.D. A. Brothers. By magnesium light24. James Crossley. Esq, F.S.A. L. President of the Chetham Society. L. McLachlan. 9 Cross St, Manchester25. Agnes Strickland. Authoress of 'The Queens of England.' A. Brothers (Collodion)26. Miss Atherton of Kersal Call. L. McLachlan (1864)27. Bust of Eaton Hodgkinson. F.R.S. Vc of Manchester, Mathematician. A. Brothers. By the Magnesium light28. Dr. M. Faraday. A. Brothers. Taken by the Magnesium light before the audience at the Royal Institution. London, May 6, 1864 (Bath British Association)29. Queen Victoria Nov 1866. C. Clifford, Madrid30. Royal Family 1865. L. McLachlan31. Missing32. Mrs Gaskell. Alex McGlasman, Edinburgh33. Mary Howitt. Casket Photo. Charing Cross. Part of stereo taken by Swan's Patent Crystal cube34. Miss Harriet Martineau. A.W. Tennett. 5 Bishopsgate Without35. Mrs Harriet. Beecher Stowe. Notman, Montreal.36. Miss Bessie Parker. Unknown (amateur)37. C.H. Rickards. A. Brothers (Collodion)38. Charles Sever. A. Brothers (Collodion)39. Charles Edward. MacQueen. Unknown.40. William Dobson. David Johnson, Blackburn.41. Ebenezer Foz London Portrait Co. Dunedin (Annotated Ebenezer Fox)42. George Vernon. Marsh. A. Brothers. Magnesium43. Edwin Smith. Angel. Exeter.44. Edmund Pickwell. H. Petschler, Market Street Manchester (Annotated Edward Pocknell.)45. J.A. Froude. J& C Watkins London46. The Earl of Carlisle. Kilburn London.47. Robert Browning. E. Edwards Baker St. London48. Mr Charles Halle. A. Brothers. Magnesium49. Smithy Door, Manchester. H. Petschler (Mudd)50. River Irwell (from Blackfriars bridge), Manchester. H. Petschler (Mudd)51. Market Place Manchester. H. Petschler (Mudd)52. Manchester Exchange, Manchester. H. Petschler (Mudd)53. Bowen's shop and fish market, Manchester. H. Petschler (Mudd)54. Old Manchester in Long Millgate. H. Petschler (Mudd)55. Runic Cross, in Whalley Churchyard. J. Harland. Copy by Petschler56. Albert Memorial, Manchester, Albert Square. Unknown (amateur)57. Old Royal Infirmary. H. Petschler (Annotated Manchester Royal Infirmary)58. Free Trade Hall. H. Petschler (Fisher)59. Old Mill, in Dunham Park. H. Petschler (Wardley or Sidebotham)60. Poets' Corner Manchester. H. Petschler (Wardley)61. Agecroft Bridge, Manchester. H. Petschler (Annotated near Manchester)62. Kersal Cell. H. Petschler (Wardley)63. Rostherne Church. H. Petschler64. Missing65. Missing66. Missing67. Lytham, the Esplanade. H. Petschler68. Haddon Hall. H. Petschler69. Bettws-y-Coed, Pont-y-Pair, form near the falls. North Wales. Published by E.J. Jackson, Manchester70. Beaumaris, view from walls. N. Wales (Baron Hill in distance) Published by E.J. Jackson, Manchester. Photograph by F. Bedford71. Missing72. High Tor Matlock. Petschler73. Worsley Hall. Petschler74. Missing75. Missing76. Missing77. Blackpool Pier. Looking East or shoreward. Sampson London St. Southport78. Blackpool Beach. (Instanteous) Sampson London St. Southport79. Head of Blackpool Pier. Looking shoreward. Sampson London St. Southport80. Entrance to Blackpool Pier. Sampson London St. Southport81. Blackpool Pier. Looking West or seaward. Sampson London St. Southport82. A wing of Tuilleries Paris. Photoglyph. (Presented with Photographic News) by WH. Talbot.83. Lane Ends Hotel, Blackpool. M. Porter Blackpool84. Lane Ends Hotel, Blackpool. M. Porter Blackpool85. Missing86. Grange towards Morecambe Bay. Unknown (amateur)87. Lytham Windmill. Petschler88. Lytham Pier. Petschler89. Grange over Sands. Unknown (amateur)90. The High Level Bridge, Newcastle on Tyne. Unknown91. Holme Island, Morecambe Bay. Unknown (amateur)92. Hatton House. Hatton, the seat of James Hatton Esq, Near Daresbury, Cheshire J. Eastham, Manchester93. Tynemouth Prior, castle yard. Mawson & Swan Newcastle94. St. Nicholas Newcastle upon Tyne. W.D. Downey Elson, St Newcastle95. High Level Bridge, Newcastle. W.D. Downey Elson St Newcastle96. House of Lords. C.J. Jackson, Manchester97. Holker Hall, a seat of the Duke of Devonshire. A. Pettitt, Keswick.98. Missing99. Southey's Monument. (Crosthwaite Chruch). Unknown (amateur)100. West Door of the Manchester Cathedral. Petschler (Mudd)101. Rood Screen in Conway Church. F. Bedford.102. Pont-y Pass Bettwys-y-Coed. F. Bedford.103. Peterborough Cathedral. J.W. Bennett London104. Views of Westminster Abbey. J.W. Bennett London105. Falls of Conway. F. Bedford106. Penmaen Mawr. (Mountain and village) J. Jamblin Oxford107. Mill at Betwwys-y-Coed. F. Bedford. (Annotated Mill at Bethos-y-Coed)108. Penmaen Mawr. J. Jamblin Oxford.109. Grindlewald Glacier. A.D. Braun, Dornach.110. Lake Thun. A.D. Braun, Dornach.111. Charles Dickens. Poulton, Old Kent Road, London112. Frank Lemon. Elliot & Fry113. Eliza Cook. J & C. Watkins114. Longfellow. Unknown115. Carlyle. Elliot & Fry116. G. Macdonald. Elliot & Fry117. Cartmel Priory Church. J.H. Hogg, Kendal118. Cartmel Priory Church. A. Dean, Keswick119. Cartmel Priory Church. C. Hulme, Cartmel.120. Cartmel Priory Stalls. Unknown (amateur)121. Chester Cathedral. F. Bedford.122. Lichfield Cathedral. C & J. Jackson123. Harrington Memorial Cartmel. Pettitt Grasmere. (Annotated Harrington Monument)124. Harrington Memorial Cartmel. Pettitt Grasmere. (Annotated Harrington Monument)125. Missing126. Missing127. Sedilia Furness Abbey. Unknown (amateur)128. Westminster Abbey. Unknown.129. Newcastle High Level Bridge. Unknown.130. The Boat House, Worsley. Petschler (Wardley)131. St. Nicholas Church, Newcastle. W & D Downey Newcastle132. Edinburgh. Unknown.133. Babu Keshab Chunder. Stereoscopic Co (Annotated Baboo Keshub Chumber Sen)134. E.H. for B.H. J.W. Black, Washington St, Boston, U.S.A135. Untitled. H.J. Whitlock, Birmingham.136. E.H. from J. Tibbs 1877. Elliot & Fry137. Fox Hill Bridge, Barton. Petschler (Wardley) (Annotated near Barton)138. Pen drawing by J.H. Harland. Unknown (amateur)139. Oxford Celebrities. Unknown.140. Colosseum, Rome. Unknown. (Annotated The Colosseum (Vespasians Ampitheatre) Rome)141. Missing142. Missing143. Missing144. Fountains Abbey. Petschler. (Annotated Front view Harrington Monument (Cartmel Church))
Photographs of 19th Century worthies and places
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19 cent.
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