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Illustrations of churches in parish of Manchester by Rev Richard Loxham
Illustrations of churches in parish of Manchester by Rev Richard Loxham
1837-1838, 1836-1855
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vol. 2 Manchester, Ardwick and Birch, 1837-1838p. 2 St. Clement's, Lever Street, Manchester City Centrep. 6 St. George's, Oldham Road, Manchester City Centrep.10 St. James', George Street, Manchester City Centrep.18 St. John's, Deansgate, Manchester City Centrep.43 St. Jude's, Canal St, New Cross, Ancoats p.47 St. Mary's, Parsonage, Manchester City Centrep.54 St. Matthew's, Campfield, Manchester City Centrep.64 St. Michael's, Angel Meadow, Manchester City Centrep.69 St. Paul's, Turner Street, Manchester City Centrep.74 St. Peter's, Mosley Street, Manchester City Centrep.83 Free Burial Ground, adjoining the Workhouse,p.85 Workhouse Chapel (St. Matthew's)p.87-94 The Chapels [descriptions only]p.87 1. Scotch Church (Presbyterian), Dickenson Street - St. Peter's Square, Manchester City Centrep.87 2. Scotch Church, Mill Street, Ancoatsp.87 3. Bible Christian (Christ Church), Every Street, Ancoatsp.87 4. Baptist (Coldhouse Chapel), Withy Grove, Manchester City Centrep.87 5. Baptist, St. George's Road, Manchester City Centrep.87 6. Baptist, York Street and Falkner Streetp.87 7. Baptist's General, Great Mount Streetp.87 8. Baptist's General, Green Street and Oak Street, Shudehill, Manchester City Centrep.87 9. Baptist's General, George Streetp.87 10. Independent, Cannon Street, Manchester City Centrep.88 11. Independent, Mosley Street, Manchester City Centrep.88 12. Independent, Grosvenor Street, Piccadilly, Manchester City Centrep.88 13. Independent, Union Street, Ancoatsp.88 14. Independent, Every Street, Ancoatsp.88 15. Independent Welsh, Gartside, Manchester City Centrep.88 16. Independent Welsh, Cooper Streetp.88 17. Jewish Synagogue, Halliwell Street Jewish Burial Place, Brindle heath near old chapel of St. Thomas Pendleton p.89 18. Methodist (Wesleyan), Oldham Street, Manchester City Centrep.89 19. Methodist, Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester City Centrep.89 20. Methodist, Livesey Street and Oldham Roadp.89 21. Methodist, Great Ancoats Street, Ancoatsp.89 22. Methodist, Tonman Streetp.89 23. Methodist Welsh (St. David's), Hardman [Parliament] Street, Manchester City Centrep.89 24. Methodist Warrenite Chapel, Stevenson's Squarep.89 25. Methodist Independent, North Street and Miller Streetp.89 26. Methodist Independent, Chapel Street and London Roadp.89 27. Methodist New Connexion, Oldham Street, Manchester City Centrep.90 28. Methodist New Connexion, Peter Street, Manchester City Centrep.90 29. Methodist Primitive, Jersey Street, Ancoatsp.90 30. Methodist Tent, Lee Street, Ancoatsp.90 31. Presbyterian, Lloyd Street, Manchester City Centrep.90 32. Quaker, site of the old burial groundp.90 33. Quaker the Evangelical, Oxford Roadp.90 34. Roman Catholic (St. Chad's), Rook Street, Manchester City Centrep.91 35. Roman Catholic (St. Mary's), Mulberry Street, Manchester City Centrep.91 36. Roman Catholic (St. Augustine's), Granby Row, Manchester City Centrep.91 37. Roman Catholic (St. Patrick's), Livesey Street, St. George's Fields, Manchester City Centrep.92 38. Swedenborgian (New Jerusalem Church), Peter Street, Manchester City Centrep.92 39. Unitarian, Red Cross Streetp.93 40. Unitarian, Mosley Streetp.93 41. Chapel, Zara Streetp.93 The General Cemetery at Collyhurstp.95 Ardwick, town informationp.96 St. Thomas's Chapel, Ardwickp.99 Birch Chapel, Rusholmep.103 Index to Volume 2p.104 List of illustration platesvol. 4 Manchester townships, 1846-1855 with index to 4 volumesp.1 Hulme, town informationp.2 St. George's (Hulme Church), Hulmep.21 Church of the Holy Trinity, Hulmep.34 Newton, town informationp.35 Chapel of All Saints, Newtonp.42 Openshaw, town informationp.42 St. Barnabas the Apostle, Openshawp.46 Rusholmep.46 St. James', Birch, Rusholmep.54 St. John's, Longsight, Rusholmep.59 Holy Trinity Church, Platt, Rusholmep.63 Salford, town informationp.65 St. Bartholomew's, Salfordp.70 Christ Church, Crescent, Salfordp.82 St. Matthias', Salfordp.85 St. Philip's, Salfordp.95 St. Simon's, Springfield Lane, Salfordp.98 St. Stephen's, Salfordp.112 Holy [Sacred] Trinity, Salfordp.127 Stretford, town informationp.129 Stretford Chapel, Stretfordp.133 St. Matthew's [the new church], Stretfordp.135 Chapel of the Schools for the Blind, & Deaf and Dumb, Stretfordp.136 Withington, town informationp.137 St. Paul's, Withingtonp.141 Additional Churches, preliminary remarksp.142 St. Barnabas', Oldham Road, Butler Street, Elizabeth Street, Manchesterp.145/6 St. Philip's, Ridgeway Street, Butler Street, Manchesterp.147 St. Simon's & St. Jude's, Granby Row, Manchester City Centrep.150 All Souls, Every Street, Ancoatsp.155 St. Silas's, Ashton High Road, Ardwickp.158 St. Luke's, Cheethamp.164 St. Thomas's, Bury Old Road & Derby Street, Red Bankp.168 Christ's Church, Dentonp.171 Droylesden, town informationp.172 Droylesden Chapel, Droylesdenp.174 Failsworth, town informationp.174 St. John's, Failsworthp.178 Heaton Mersey, town informationp.178 St. John's, Heaton Merseyp.181 Christ's Church, Heaton Norrisp.184 St. Mark's, City Road, Hulmep.189 Moss Side, town informationp.189 Christ's Church, Moss Sidep.197 St. Margaret's Whalley Range, Withingtonp.204 Index to Volume 4p.207 List of the illustration platesp.208 St. Matthias's, Broughton Road, Salfordp.209 Erratap.211 General Index to the four volumes
Illustrations of churches in parish of Manchester by Rev Richard Loxham
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1837-1838, 1836-1855
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