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Greg Family Deeds
Greg Family Deeds
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BOX 1Bundle of abstracts of title of trustees of James Harrison, Reddish, 1613-1809Abstracts of will of Samuel Greg, 1833, and plan of land to be sold by Samuel Greg to Thomas Coates, Oct 1833Bundle of deeds relating to land in Reddish leased by T. W. Coke to Samuel Greg in 1803, 1761-1803Bundle of agreements regarding road between W. H. Gilbert and Messrs Greg, 1908BOX 2Bundle of accounts of executors of R. H. Greg, 1876Bundle of deeds relating to Reddish including conveyance for new parish, 1868, 1860sBundle of papers relating to Percy Greg's legacy, c.1890-1894Title of R. P. Greg to land in Reddish, 1902Succession accounts of R. H. Greg, 1875Bundle of deeds and papers relating to Dodges Meadow, R. P. Greg, n.d.BOX 3Bundle of probate documents: H. S. Greg, 1943-1967Bundle of deeds relating to Samuel Greg (and later trustees) in Reddish, c.1810-c.1834Abstract of the title of William Fox to an estate in Reddish, 1833BOX 4Bundle including abstract of title of Samuel Greg to farms called Oldhams, Winterbottoms, Brooks, and Ashton's in Reddish, abstract of title of T. W. Coke, and abstract of title of Samuel Greg to the Manor or Lordship of Reddish, 1817-1847Bibby pedigree, c.1771Bundle of various deeds relating to R. H. Greg, 1846-1874Conveyance from H. R. Greg's trustees and H. P. Greg to Herred Estates Ltd., 1925BOX 5Assignment of H. G. Greg and Mrs. M. H. Greg and E. O. Fordham as trustees of The Reddish Estate, 1928Bundle of schedules of shareholders for conveyances, Herreds Estates Ltd., c.1925-c.1966Bundle of various probates, assents and appointments of trustees, c.1875-1938BOX 6Release 1) James Harrison and trustees of James Harrison decd to 2) Revd. Ralph Harrison of Barlows and Millers tenements in Reddish, 1808Two releases between 1) Thomas William Coke and 2) James Harrison and Chadwick, 1797 and 1796Bundle of various deeds to Stockport College, Great Central Railway Company, etc., 1901-1914Attested copy will and codicils of Samuel Greg, 1833-1834Two abstracts of titles of James Harrison to the Manor of Reddish, 1613Pedigree of Mr Coke, n.d.BOX 7Bundle of abstracts of titles of Samuel Greg to estates in Reddish, including Bibby's and Oaks, Reddish Hall, Thornilees, Taylors, Winterbottom's tenement, Oldham's, Brook's and Ashton's and estates in Styal, 1687-1835Bundle including: schedule of Reddish Hall and other estate deeds belonging to Samuel Greg, 1825 (deeds detailed date from 1725-1825; schedule of deeds in Styal and in Reddish belonging to Samuel Greg, 1826 (deeds date from 1598-1826); abstract of title of T. W, Coke to estates in Reddish, 1613BOX 8Bundle of Reddish deeds, c. 1924-c.1966Bundle of deeds and leases relating to Samuel Greg, R. H. Greg and John Greg of land in Reddish, 1817-1847Bundle of documents relating to R. H. Greg's property, 1870sBOX 9Bundle including: an Act vesting estates devised by the will of James Harrison in trustees, 1807 and various deeds, 1808-1863 (schedule at bottom of bundle)BOX 10Bundle of deeds, Reddish, 1804-1825BOX 11Settlement of the marriage of Andrew Melly and Ellen Maria Greg, 1828Bundle of deeds, Reddish, 1846-1884Conveyance 1) T. W. Coke to 2) Samuel Greg of Winterbottom's, Oldham's, Brook's and Ashton's tenements, Reddish, 1803Lease for one year 1) John Chadwick to 2) Samuel Greg, land and buildings in Reddish, 1817Duplicate lease for 11 years 1) Samuel Greg to 2) William Rowbotham, land and buildings in Reddish, 1817BOX 12Bundle of deeds relating to R. H. Greg, John Greg, Samuel Greg and W. R. Greg, Reddish, 1835-1850BOX 13Bundle of deeds, Reddish, 1811-1834Extract of probate of will and codicil of John Greg , 1883File regarding the chief rents of the trustees of Albert Greg, 1937-1948BOX 14Bundle of deeds, Reddish, 1863-1882BOX 15Bundle of deeds, Reddish, 1774-1934 (includes memorandum and articles of association of the Reddish Brick, Tile & Pottery Co. Ltd., c.1890)Bundle of deeds, Reddish, 1767-1810BOX 16Bundle including schedule of title deeds relating to estates in Reddish belonging to Samuel Greg, 1826 (deeds from 1598-1826) and deeds, Reddish, 1759-1857BOX 17Bundle of deeds, Reddish, 1844-1890Bond 1) John Chadwick to 2) Samuel Greg for houses in Reddish, 1817Deed of covenant 1) John Chadwick to 2) Samuel Greg houses and land in Reddish, 1817BOX 18Bundle of deeds, Reddish, 1864-1907Settlement on the marriage of Francis McClean and Ellen Greg, 1881BOX 19Bundle of abstracts of title of Messrs Greg to the Manor of Reddish and several farms around Reddish Hall and other estate in Reddish, 1850Minutes and accounts of the Samuel Greg Co. Ltd., Bollington, 1864-1894, 1 volumeBOX 20Bundle of deeds, Reddish, 1848-1891BOX 21Bundle of deeds relating to Calver Mill, Bakewell, Derbyshire, 1843-1864BOX 22Herred Estates Ltd. list of Greg chief rents, 1964Bundle of deeds relating to Cane Garden Estate, St Vincent, 1847-1869 (sold by the Gregs in 1871?)Bundle of deeds and rental lists, Reddish, 1939-1964Bundle of deeds etc, Reddish, 1911-1939BOX 23Bundle of deeds etc, Reddish, including to the Reddish Vale Golf Club Co. Ltd., 1924-1931Bundle of deeds etc, Reddish, 1921-1962Indenture of TT. Greg's trustees, 1924Bundle of deeds etc, Reddish, 1910-1914Newspaper cutting of the death of Charles Crockwell, n.d.Bundle of deeds etc, Reddish, 1853-1906Release 1) J. R. Greg to 2) H. P. Greg, Ancoats, 1 May 1912Conveyance 1) H. P. Greg to 2) J. R. Greg, Ancoats Grove and Every Street, Ancoats, Manchester, 1 Jun 1912Conveyance of one third part of the Manor or Lordship of Reddish and other estate 1) John Greg to 2) Robert Hyde Greg, 1873BOX 24Bundle of deeds relating to Chadwick's and Yew Tree Farms, Reddish, 1877-1878BOX 25Bundle of deeds, Styal, 1797-1898BOX 26Bundle of deeds relating to James Scholefield, Ancoats, 1837-1865Release 1) James Scholefield to 2) William Williams, Ancoats, 1840Bundle of deeds relating to James Scholefield, Ancoats, 1881-1900BOX 27Bundle of deeds, Styal, 1855-1893Abstract to title of William Ryder Richardson and William Bromwich Ryder to lands at Collyhurst, 1866Conveyance 1) William Jackson to Francis Greg a plot of land in Bollington, Cheshire, 1898Bundle of deeds relating to Every Street, Ancoats, 1823-1836 (sold in 1901 except small chief rents)BOX 28Records relating to the executors of Albert Greg and Miss E. M. Greg, 1911-1966, 3 filesBundles of affidavits appointing trustees to Albert Greg, 1905BOX 29Bundle of deeds, Styal (Trustees of Albert Greg), n.d.OUTSIZEBundle of plans of Reddish, 1 file, n.d.Related Material:See C5
Greg Family Deeds
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