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Ashton-upon-Mersey: Settlement
Ashton-upon-Mersey: Settlement
30 Apr 1688
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Attested copy (1750) of Sir Joshua Allen's settlement.Indenture between(1) Sir Joshua Allen of Dublin(2a) Richard Wiborow of Dublin, esquire, and (2b) William Barry of Dublin, merchant, trustees(3a) John Usher of Dublin, esquire, and (3b) William Molineux of Dublin, esquireconcerning Allen's estates in Inchcove and Kilmainham - County Dublin. Newtown O'Moore, lands let to George Hiot, Castle Dillon, Mullahays, island in the Liffey, Priorstown and Rue, Newtown East, Symonstown and Coolefetch - County Kildare. Messuages etc. in Dublin.Clanmore in Catherlough, held by mortgage.Ashton super Marcey in Cheshire.Baguley Manor in Cheshire.Rent charge £600 from Rathvilly in Catherlough for lives of Sir Joshua's wife Mary, and his son John, and another.The trustees (2) are to hold the above to the use of Sir Joshua for life, and then to secure the payments of £440 a year to Dame Mary his wife for her life (from Ireland) adn £60 (from England); also to the use of (3) for 99 years, in trust John Allen son and heir of Sir Joshua, for Joshua eldest son of the said John Allen and Robert Allen another son of John, etc.Sir Joshua's new mansion house in Dublin in the parish of St. Kathren's is mentioned; to his wife during her widowhood.The devisees (3) are to pay £2500 each for Sir Joshua's daughters Elizabeth, Mary, and Ellinor (if not otherwise provided for by the father in his lifetime)Signed by Johua Allen, William Barry, John Usher and William Molineux.Witnesses:John de ButtGeorge MerefieldEdward Stanley
Ashton-upon-Mersey: Settlement
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30 Apr 1688
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