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Articles and Booklets of Places
Articles and Booklets of Places
1580 - 1918
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1-8 Parts relating to Lancashire removed from more general books.1. Pages 745 - 758 from Camden's Britannia.2. Pages 786 - 806 from Camdens Britannia. Wording slightly different from above. 3. Chapter of Lancashire, Pages 370 - 386.4. Abridgement of Calenders of Charter Rolls, John Edward IV Inquisitions Ad quod Damnum, Edward II Henry VI, Inquisitiones Post Mortem, Henry II - Edward II pp. 52-120, (post 1806)5. Population figures for Lancashire, 1801 - 1861, from Baines's History of Lancashire Vol 1. 6. Census figures for Lancashrie 1811 pp 133-1447.Return of all Manors and Estates, now belonging to the Crwon in the right of Duchy of Lancaster 31 May 18588. Landowners in England and Wales 1873.9. Brief Account of Alder Fold, Atherton by T. H. Hope 189310. Biddulph Old Hall. Staffordshire by John Eglington Bailey 1880, reprinted from Papers of Manchester Literary Club Vol VI.11. Visitors Guide to Blackpool from The Pictorial World, 8 Sep 187712. Blackpool, A Sketch of Its Rise and Growth (1952 - 1792) by Charles Roeder 1903. 13.History of Blackrod by Thomas Hampson 188213b The Bells of Bolton le Sands 1906.14. History of the Church and Benefice of Broughton In Furness, by Reverand F.A. Malleson 188715. History of the Parochial Church of Burnley. By T.T. Wilkinson 1869.16. The Founding of Burnley Parish Church. by John Allen 1903. 17. Todmorden Road Council School, Burnley by John Allen 190818. Towneley Hall Burnley by John Allen 190919. County Borough of Burnley Year Book 1909 -191020. The 'Borough' Guide to Burnley c.191021. Burnley High School for Girls Prospectus 1910.22. The 'Bury Times' Street Guide and Business Directory for Bury 1903. 23. 'Bury Times' Almanack 1905.24. Architectural Notes on Cartmel Priory Church25. Cartmel Priory Buildings Before the Dissolution. By Reverand J.G. Holt reprinted from Kendal Mercrury and TImes. 8 Apr 188126. The Harrington Tomb in Cartmel Priory Church, by Henry Fletcher Rigge 1881. 27.Cartmel Priory Church by Henry Rigge 188528. Chowbent by T. H, Hope 189329. The Seed Sower, Including article on Chowbent Chapel, by J. J. Wright June 190330. Examynatyons Towcheynge Cokeye More, Temp Henry VIII in a Dispute Between the Lords of the Manors of Middleton and Radclyffe. by F.R. Raines. 31. Two Parlimentry Elections for Clitheroe in 1693-94 by W. Self Weeks 185532. Wesleyan Methodist Church, Colne.Circuit, Plan and Directory 190933. Holy Trinity Church, Colne, by Sydney E. Lowe, by Sydeney E. Lowe, Jason McGraw and William Murray 1910. 34. History of St George's, Everton 1814-1896 by H.G. Hampton 189635. Fleetwood Urban District Council Year Book, 1907-190836. Formby Catholic Magazine May 190237. Plan of the Furness Railways, c.187138. Guide for Visitors to Arnside, Grange, Cark, Ulverston, Furness Abbey and Barrow 187139. Old Baptist Meeting Houses In Furness, by F.N. Richardson, reprinted from the Ulverston Advertiser, 3 and 10 Dec 1903. 40. Some Account Of Garston and if the Ancient Chapel of St Michael Formerly Existing There.41. Ecclesiastical Memoranda As to Halsall, by William Ferguson Irvine n.d. 42. Scenes and Incidents in the History of Heywood by J.A. Green, read to Heywood Literary Society 1 May 189943. History of Higham Methodism, by G.H. and W.B. (William Boothman?) 189844. Historical Notices of Hoghton Tower, by P.A. Whittle N.D. 45. A Description of Hoghton Tower 185646. Lancaster Castle by J. Hall 184347. The Parochial Chapel of St Leonard, Langho, In Billington, by William Alex Abraham 1875.48. Old Documents Relating to the parish of Leigh, transcribed by Rev. J.H. Stanning reprinted from Leigh Chronicle, n.d.49. Diary of local events in the district of Leigh 1852 - 187650. An account of Cursing by Bell, Book and Candle, in the parish Church of Leigh on Sun Dec 4 1474 by J.P. Earwaker reprinted from the Manchester Courier 1878.51. Leigh Congregationalsim. (1805-1880) by W.D Pink 188052. Leigh Grammar School, by W.D. Pink reprinted from Leigh Chronicle 7 Jan 189853. Descriptive Article on Leigh Coat of Arms, by W.D. Pink, reprinted from Leigh Chronicle 2Feb 1900. 54. Leigh Welseyan Circuit Grand Bazaar 11-14 Mar 1903.55. The Manor Of Westleigh, by W.D. Pink read to Leigh Literary Society 14 Mar 1910.56. A Short Account of Lydiate and List of Contributions [to the church] 1885-189357. A Correct Translation of the Charter Granted to the Burgesses of Liverpool by King William the Third....the charter Granted by King George the Second....1783.58. Notes on the Liverpool Charters, by Sir Jason A. Picton, reprinted from Transcript Historical Society of Lancashire and Cheshire vol XXXVI 188759. Syllabus of a Course of Six Lectures on the History of Liverpool, by Ramsey Muir Society for University Extension in Liverpool and District 1903. 60 - 61. Chapters on Manchester Under the Land We Live In nos 11 and 13. 62. A Gossip About Old Manchester, n.d.63. Royal Institute of British Architects Sessional Papers 1872-1873. The Royal Halls In the Neighbourhood of Manchester, By Charles H Heathcote. 64. Views Of Old Manchester 1885.65. An Exact Copy of Mr George Clarkes Feoffment Deed of Lands In Manchester, Crumpsall and Tetlow for the Use of the Poor in Manchester. 66. Report of Some Charitable Trust of Manchester, by Alex McDougall, member of the Charitable Trusts Committee of Manchester City Council 185567. The Ancient Rectorial and Parish Church of Manchester, by Jas Croston reprinted from the Manchester Diocesan Churchman, 1879. 68. On the Fragments of an Old Brass in the Manchester Cathedral, by Rev E.F. Letts 1884.69. The Stanley Chapel in Manchester Cathedral and its Founder. by Rev E.F. Letts reprinted from Transaction Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society. 1888.70. The Radclyffe Brasses in Manchester Cathedral.71. Church Discipline in the Sixteenth Century as Shown by Extracts, from Visitation Books for the Deanery of Manchester, by William Fergusson Irvine, reprinted from Transaction Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society vol XIII 1896.72.Commemorative booklet on Re-opening of st Johns Church Manchester, 13 Feb, 1879.73. Some Annals of Great Bridgewater Street Chapel, Manchester, by John Evans reprinted from the Manchester Guardian 24 July 1887. 74. Relics of the Common Field System In and Near Manchester, by H.T. Crofton Reprinted from the Manchester Quarterly Jan 1887.75. The Old House of Correction at Hunt's Bank, Manchester, by William Harrison Reprinted from Transaction Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society vol III 1886.76. Ancient Charters and Deeds at High Legh, Cheshire Belonging to Lt Col H Cornwall Legh, by J.P. Earwaker, Reprinted from Journal of the Chester Archaeological, and Historical Society.77. Notes on the collection of Deeds Preserved at the East Hall, High Legh, Cheshire relating to Manchester and the Neighbourhood, by J.P Earwaker reprinted from Transaction Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society 1887.78. The First Free Library in Manchester (Chethams) by Jason Croston, reprinted from the Manchester Courier 1878.79. Manchester and the Rebellion of 1745. by J.P. Earwaker Reprinted from Transaction Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society 1889.80. A true Copy of the Foundation of Manchester School, dated April 1, 1524, in the 16th year of the Reign of Henry the Eighth n.d.81. Manchester Free Grammar School. Abstracts of the Foundation Deeds with Copies of the Statutes, and the Decree of the courts of Chancery 11 Jan 1849.82. Manchester Grammar School Form of Application for Admission and prospectus 1885. 83. Fromer Masters of the Manchester Grammar School. by J.E. Bailey reprinted from Transaction Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society84. City of Manchester New Town Hall. Reprinted on Designs Submitted by 'Municipal' Aug. 1867. 85 - 87. Martin Mere Exploration, by Henry Taylor, reprinted from Southport Visitor, 24 Feb 1900; circular from Southport Society of Natural History about the same 8 Mar leaflet by Henry Taylor on The Crossens Canoe found Martin Mere. 88. Martin Mere and Its History by Rev W.T. Bulpit reprinted from Southport Visitor Dec 1906.89. Supplement of Acient Meols. Examination of the Changes in the Sea Coast of Lanchashire and Cheshire. 90. Lecture of Monumental Brasses in Middleton Parish Church, by George Esdaile, reprinted from Middleton album 14 Sep 1889.91. Borough of Middleton Official Year Book 1904 - 592. Millom Church and Castle, by Harper Gaythorpe, reprinted from Barrow Herald 5 Sep 1903.93. Lecture of St. Marys Church Penwortham by Rev. T.R. Finch 6 Dec 190694. The Baptists in Preston, reprinted from the Preston Guardian 26 Sep and 3 Oct 190895. St Margarets Prestwich, Parish Magazine Oct 189296. Account of antiquities Discovered at Ribchester, In a letter from Chartles Townley, Esq F.R.S. F.S.A to Rev John Brand M.P. Secretary to Society of Antiquities 17 Jan 1798 Published by Society of Antiquities 17 Jan 179897. Observations on Mr Townleys Antique Bronze Helmet Found at Ribchester by Rev Stephen Weston 1798.98. Rochdale Manor Inquisition (Survey) A.D. 1610, by Henry Fishwick, reprinted from Transaction of the Rochdale Literary and Scientific Society 1903.99. Sabden, Lecture by Dr. Laycock reprinted from Burnley Express, 16 and 19 Feb 1898.100. Sabden Before the Year 1600, a Lecture by Dr. Laycock of Sabden reprinted from the Burnely Express and Clitheroe Division Advertiser 26 Oct. 23 Nov 1898.101. Some Account of the Allotment of Sabden Common Pastures, by Dr Laycock reprinted from the Burnley Express. 1901102. Outlines of the History of Saddleworth, by Morgan Brierly, Reprinted from Manchester City News n.d.103. History of St Helens by Jason Brockbank 1896104. The first Charter of Salford, by J.E. Bailey reprinted from the Palatine Notebook, July and Aug 1882105. County Borough of Salford, Report of the Chairman of the Musuem and Libraries Committee (Mr. Alderman Makinson) upon...the Manuscript Volume of Acient Court Records relating to the Borough Salford July 1882106 - 107. Circular letter and offprint advertising Salford Portmote Records a.d. 1597 -1669 Oct 1895108.Notes on Glacial and Post - Glacial Deposits Near Southport, by E Dickson reprinted from Proceedings of the Liverpool Geological Society 1899 - 1900109. The Fernley Observatory, Southport, Report and Result of Observations 1902, by Joseph Baxendell.110. The old Font of Stydd Church.111. A picturesque Description of Turton Fair, a poem by William Sheldrage 1789.112. Notes on Turton Tower and Its Successive Owners, by Jason C. Scholes 1880113. Supplementry to Notes on Turton Tower by J.C. Scholes 1881114. A History of the Parish Church of Ulverston 1866115. The Walton le Dale Mock of Corporation. by Henry H Barker 1874116. A glance at the Local History of Warrington by An Inhabitant n.d.117. Account of Excavations made at the Mote Hill, Warrington by Jas Kendrick, Read to the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire 4 Nov 1852118. Warrington in the Thirteenth Century, by William, Beamont read to Warring Mechanics Institute 1856. 119. The Loyal Warrington Volunteers of 1798, by Jason Kendrick, read to Warrington Church Institute 3 Mar 1856120. Appeal for the restoration of the Parish Church of Warrington 1858121. The Warrington Charities, report of Inspector of the Charity Trust Commissioners, reprinted from the Warrington Guardian 14, 21 and 28 Aug 1858.122. Warrington Local Sketches, by Jason Kendrick, Reprinted from Transactions of Historical Society of Lancashire and Cheshire 1895.123. Visitations of Warrington Deanery by The Bishop of Chester 1592, by William Fergusson Irvine, reprinted from Transation of Historical Society of Lancashire and Cheshire 1895124. Warrington in 1580. The easter Roll of Moneys Due to the Rector of Warrington 22. Elizabeth I. by J.. Rylands, reprinted from the Transactions of History Society of Lancashire and Cheshire 1904. 125. The Missing History of Warton, by John Lucas Read to the History Society of Lancashire and Chesire 1 Apr 1886126. Offprint from Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Paper, by Rev J.K. Floyer on the Identification of the Castle and manor of Merhull and Maurholme with a site in Warton called Halsteads 1907127. Cistercian Architecture as illustrate by the Remains of Whalley Abbey, by William A Waddington Reprinted from Transaction of History Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.128. Article on St, Mary the Virgin, Whalley from the Church Monthly. n.d129. An Account of the Remarkable Claim to Extensive Property at Wigan, by Jason Thomspon Hedley, 1865, includes letters from Thomas Horrocks of Holloway London to the Editor of the Manchester Courier and Local Gleanings 2 and 13 July 1877 about a forged will of Robert Forth 1761 and enclosing pamphlet. 130. County Borough of Wigan Year Book 1902-3131. A Guide to Worsley 1870. 132. Country Life article on Worsley Hall, July 1901.133. Worsley Wesleyan Chapel 1902143. Wyrsedale Parish Magazine Sept 1908
Articles and Booklets of Places
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