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Records of Ancoats Hospital Trust Fund
Records of Ancoats Hospital Trust Fund
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Minutes books and correspondence files concerning the administration of and donations to the trust fundPlace:/Ancoats/Manchester/Manchester/Lancashire/England
Records of Ancoats Hospital Trust Fund
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The trust fund first met on 1 July 1948 at 68 Brown Street Manchester. The objectives of the fund were laid out at that meeting and were as follows. The fund was to 'receive subscriptions, donations and legacies and out if such income and the interest of investments made ... to meet the expenditure of Ancoats Hospital other than such expenditure as may be sanctioned by the Ministry of Health or the Regional Hospital Board'. Monies raised were to be used to provide extra comforts to patients and staff, extra medical equipment and drugs and for the purpose of research. Five trustees were appointed one of whom was the treasurer. The first trustees were appointed by the hospital's board of management. Subsequent trustees were appointed by the annual meeting not later than 31st March of each year. The meetings were attended by all subscribers and donors to the fund whose contribution were received in the previous calendar year ending 31st December. In 1967 the constitution was changed after the trustees considered it too vague and wooly. Advice was sought from the Friends of Manchester Northern Hospital and the National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends. The new constitution was adopted by the trustees at a meeting on 23 January 1969. The objects of the fund were expanded especially in the area of the recruitment of voluntary workers. A copy of the constitution was sent to the Charity Commissioners for approval but they stated that it was ultra vires for the trustees of the original constitution to be produce an entirely new constitution. While it was possible to put a scheme to a court it was decided that as it would be a costly business the minute approving the new constitution would be rescinded.
The archive was deposited by the Trust during spring 1998
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