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Papers of Samuel Schofield Hammersley (22.12.1892-28.3.1965), M.P. and Industrialist
Papers of Samuel Schofield Hammersley (22.12.1892-28.3.1965), M.P. and Industrialist
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L34/1 POLITICAL PAPERSL34/1/1 Tank Production correspondence, 1938-1945L34/1/2 Tank Committee, Tank Board and the Tank Administration Organisation, 1940-1944L34/1/3 Speeches made by S.S.H, 1939-1957L34/1/4 Correspondence (concerning political matters), 1935-1957L34/1/5 Articles and letters to the press, 1944-1955L34/1/6 Political reports, 1929-1943L34/1/7 Anglo-Israel Association, 1949-1962L34/2 BUSINESS PAPERSL34/2/1 Brunt Variable Speed Motors Ltd, 1947-1967L34/2/2 'S.S. Hammersley- Cotton.', 1936-1954L34/2/3 Cotton and Rayon Spinners Ltd., Royton, 1949-1964L34/2/4 Delta Mill (1919) Ltd., Royton, 1948-1955L34/2/5 Forsyth & Partners Ltd., Issuing House, 85 Gracechurch Street, E.C.3., 1938-1955L34/2/6 J. Mandleberg & Co., Ltd., Pendleton, manufacturer of waterproof fabrics, 1946-1963L34/2/7 London and Coastal Oil Wharves Ltd., 1939-1963L34/2/8 Lily Mills Ltd., Shaw, 1948-1960L34/2/9 Parker Wakeling Co. Ltd., 1957-1964L34/2/10 Rex Mill (1919) Ltd. Middleton and Soudan Mill Co.,Ltd., Middleton, 1947-1952L34/2/11 Roman Way Company, 1958-1959L34/2/12 Rugby, Fernhurst, Lily, Delta and Soudan Mills, 1939-1943L34/2/13 Soudan Mill Co. Ltd. & Soudan Mill Co. (Holding) Ltd., 1953L34/2/14 S. Noton Ltd., 1928-1965L34/2/15 The Wyndham Theatre Company, 1949-1965L34/2/16 Travel Goods Ltd., Portarlington, 1949-1963L34/2/17 Business overseas visits, 1950-1954L34/3 PERSONAL (FINANCE & CORRESPONDENCE)L34/3/1 Finance, 1939-1956L34/3/2 General Correspondence, 1937-1964L34/3/3 Newspaper cuttings, 1935-1951L34/4 PAPERS OF J.S. HAMMERSLEY (FATHER OF S. .S. HAMMERSLEY), 1894-1936Related Material:A biography 'A Little Bit Off The Top' (Bookcraft, 1998) by his daughter Barbara Jill Poloniecka is held in the Local Studies Library (942.734 Ha).
Papers of Samuel Schofield Hammersley (22.12.1892-28.3.1965), M.P. and Industrialist
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Samuel S. Hammersley (S.S.H.), son of John S. Hammersley of Oldham, served with the East Lancashire Regiment during the First World War and was wounded at Gallipoli, later he served with the Tank Corps in France. He was Unionist Member of Parliament for Stockport from 1924 to 1935 and for East Willesden from 1938. His connections with the cotton trade led him to specialise in industry and finance. In 1927, he was Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Treasury. He represented the Federation of Master Cotton Spinners' Association on the Textile Mission to India in 1933. During the Second World War, he worked on a voluntary basis on tank design and production for the Ministry of Supply from 1940 to 1943. He was also Chairman of an unofficial committee of M.Ps. concerned with tanks. As Member for East Willesden Constituency, he was closely in touch with Jewish problems and in 1941, became joint secretary of the Parliamentary Palestine Committee which was concerned with the development of Palestine as a national home for Jews in accordance with the Balfour Declaration. From 1943 to 1945, he was Chairman of the Committee. After the formation of the state of Israel, he was closely concerned with the foundation of the Anglo-Israel Association and was the Executive Chairman from 1951 to 1963. A letter of introduction on a business visit to Canada and the United States of America in 1951, describes S.S. Hammersley as 'Director of a large number of textile concerns and with wide industrial interests in rayon, water-proofs and travel goods' and as 'having special interests in international developments.' These various interests are represented in the papers deposited.
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