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Records of Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Pendlebury and Manchester
Records of Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Pendlebury and Manchester
This material includes the following: annual reports 1833-1967, minutes 1865-1946, papers, photographs, and printed material relating to the Hospital's history 1875-1983, extracts of wills and legacies 1878, 1909-1946, staff records and report books 1888-1972, letters and correspondence 1922-1939, 1973, financial records 1938-1951, patient records 1939-1995 Extract from the original catalogue produced by Salford City Archives:G/HRM/R: RegistrationG/HRM/R1/1-46: Admission registersG/HRM/R1/1 Admission register 1 Jan 1939-31 Dec 1939G/HRM/R1/2 Admission register 1 Jan 1940-31 Dec 1940G/HRM/R1/3 Admission register (patient numbers 1-2282) 3 Jan 1941-31 Dec 1942, (patient numbers 1-81) 1 Jan 1942-13 Jan 1942, (patient numbers 3001-3323) 22 Nov 1945-31 Dec 1945G/HRM/R1/4 Admission register (patient numbers 1-2434) 1 Jan 1942-31 Dec 1942, (patient numbers 3001-3066) Dec 1943, (patient numbers 1-237) Jan 1944, (patient numbers 2913-2931) Oct, (patient numbers 2933-2997) Dec 1946G/HRM/R1/5 Admission register 1 Jan 1943-20 Dec 1943G/HRM/R1/6 Admission register 1 Jan 1944-31 Dec 1944G/HRM/R1/7 Admission register 2 Jan 1945-20 Nov 1945G/HRM/R1/8 Admission register 1 Jan 1946-29 Oct 1946G/HRM/R1/9 Admission register 29 Oct 1946-17 Dec 1946G/HRM/R1/10 Admission register 1 Jan 1947-31 Dec 1947G/HRM/R1/11 Admission register (patient numbers 1-3774) 1 Jan 1948-31 Dec 1948, (patient numbers 3781-3855) Dec 1949G/HRM/R1/12 Admission register 1 Jan 1949-23 Dec 1949G/HRM/R1/13 Admission register 1 Jan 1950-31 Dec 1950G/HRM/R1/14 Admission register 1 Jan 1951-31 Dec 1951 (index page missing)G/HRM/R1/15 Admission register (patient numbers 1-4076) 1 Jan 1952-31 Dec 1952, (patient numbers 4021-4177) Dec 1953G/HRM/R1/16 Admission register 1 Jan 1953-31 Dec 1953G/HRM/R1/17 Admission register 1 Jan 1954-31 Dec 1954G/HRM/R1/18 Admission register 1 Jan 1955-31 Dec 1955G/HRM/R1/19 Admission register (patient numbers 1-3688) 1 Jan 1956-31 Dec 1956, (patient numbers 4011-4379) Nov-Dec 1957G/HRM/R1/20 Admission register 1 Jan 1957-29 Nov 1957G/HRM/R1/21 Admission register 1 Jan 1958-31 Dec 1958G/HRM/R1/22 Admission register 1 Jan 1959-31 Dec 1959G/HRM/R1/23 Admission register 1 Jan 1960-31 Dec 1960G/HRM/R2/1-2 Zachary Merton Home admission registers 1944-1953G/HRM/R3 Baptism register 1945-1962G/HRM/R4/1-3 Registers 'giving information' - ie. name, age, address, disease of patient - 1940-1943G/HRM/R5/1 Register indicating numbers and uses of beds 1965-1975G/HRM/R6/1 'Casualty Book' 1979-1980G/HRM/R7/1-2 Registers of minor operations 1978-1982G/HRM/R8/1 Admission register Jan 1965-Oct 1995G/HRM/R9/1 Operations register Jan 1975-Nov 1981Related Material:A number of photographs, annual reports and publications collected together with this material have been deposited at Salford Local History LibraryPlace:Manchester Metropolitan District/Greater Manchester/EnglandTrafford Metropolitan Borough/Greater Manchester/EnglandSalford Metropolitan District/Greater Manchester/England/Manchester/Lancashire/England/Pendlebury/Eccles/Lancashire/England
Records of Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Pendlebury and Manchester
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The Royal Manchester Children's Hospital was founded in 1829 as the Dispensary for Children, at Ridgefield, Manchester. In 1853 a hospital was established on North Parade. In 1858 this hospital moved to Bridge Street and was called the General Hospital and Dispensary for Sick Children. This in turn was then replaced by Pendlebury Hospital in 1873 and Gartside Street Dispensary in 1868. In 1897 a convalescent home was built at St Ann's-on Sea, later part of Lytham St Anne's, Lancashire; it closed in c1970. In 1907 a new dispensary was opened alongside the out-patients department on Gartside Street. In 1923 the Hospital was granted permission to include the prefix 'Royal' in the title of the Hospital, now called the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. In 1948 the Hospital came under the authority of the Salford Hospital Management Committee, Manchester Regional Hospital Board, on the establishment of the National Health Service (NHS). From 1 April 2001 the Hospital forms part of the Central Manchester and Manchester Children's University Hospitals NHS Trust
Transferred to Greater Manchester County Record Office in 2001
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