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Eccles, St. Mary
Eccles, St. Mary
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Records of Incumbency including registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1563-1764; Baptisms and Burials, Eccles, Ellenbrook and Pendleton, 1765-1788; Baptisms, Eccles, Ellenbrook, Pendleton and Swinton, 1787-1825; Baptisms, Eccles, 1813-85; Baptisms at the Chapelries, 1826-63; Marriages, Eccles, 1754-1942; Burials, Eccles, Pendleton, Swinton, 1788-1825; Burials, Eccles, 1815-1970; Burials at the Chapelries, 1826-63; Draft Registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, Eccles, 1723-1729; Baptisms, Eccles, 1807-1812, 1845-1857; Burials, Eccles, 1806-1812; Baptisms and Burials, Swinton, 1808; Baptisms and Burials, Pendleton, 1808 1813-1820; Banns Books, 1803-1804, 1806-1956; Miscellaneous Papers Relating to Marriage, 1901-1904; Plan of Graveyard ndRecords of Churchwardens 1595-1971 including pew rents, upkeep of the church and financial records; Rentals of Pew Galleries 1820-1832; Joint Pews and Curacy Fund Committee Minutes; Churchwarden Accounts , Church Rates and Annual Vestry Meeting Minutes 1849-1893; Cash Book 1897-1908Records of the Parochial Church Council including minutes 1894-1970; Official Parochial Register 1892-1908Records of the Parish Clerk including maps and plans, deposited parliamentary plans 1843-1897; Genealogical searches by the clerk 1862-1965. Records of societies connected to the church 1835-1949. Charities 1861-1969. Records of the day school including Attendance Book 1875-1934; Library Account Book 1894-1921; Managers Minutes 1903-1918; Correspondence files 1909-1969; Miscellaneous papers including historical notes about the church, printed histories and newspaper cuttings 1912-1961Related Material:For other documents relating to St. Mary's see Archdeacon John Rushton's Visitation Returns, 1846 (MS f 942.72 R121 vol. 24), Which include notes on the church and clergy, extracts from an Architects report on the condition of the church, 5 Oct. 1849 .For monumental inscriptions see M39/addnl/745-748Place:/Eccles/Lancashire/England
Eccles, St. Mary
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The ancient parish of Eccles consisted of the townships of Barton, Worsley, Pendleton, Pendlebury and Clifton. Until 1776 when St. Thomas's, Pendleton, was consecrated, the only other place of worship in the parish was Ellenbrook Chapel attached to Worsley Hall. St. Thomas's was followed in 1791 by St. Peter's Swinton, in 1838 by St. George's, later St. Paul's, Walkden Moor, in 1842 by St. John's, Pendlebury, in 1843 by St. Catherine's, Barton and in 1846 by St. Mark's, Worsley, all of which Chapelries sent copies of their registers to Eccles for inclusion in the Parish registers of the mother church. They were assigned their own Districts later in the 19th century when many other parishes were taken from the ancient parish to accommodate the increasing population.
The records were deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office in 1977 and 1979, by Rev. G. S. Parkinson.
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