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Swinton Methodist Circuit
Swinton Methodist Circuit
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Records of Swinton Methodist Circuit and associated churches and former circuitsL51/1 Swinton Methodist CircuitL51/2 Salford (Swinton and Pendlebury) CircuitL51/3 Salford United Methodist CircuitL51/4 Pendleton, Brunswick Wesleyan Methodist ChurchL51/5 Swinton, St Paul's Wesleyan Methodist Church, Station RoadL51/6 Irlams-o'-th'-Height, Westwood Wesleyan Methodist Church, Manchester RoadL51/7 Pendlebury, Wesley Methodist Church, Bolton RoadL51/8 Pendlebury Methodist Church, Bolton Road (formerly Victoria Wesleyan Methodist)L51/9 Pendleton, Whit Lane Wesleyan Methodist ChurchL51/10 Pendleton, Seedley Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ellor StreetL51/11 Swinton, Manchester Road Methodist Church (formerly Primitive Methodist)L51/12 Swinton, Wardley Methodist Church (formerly Chorley Road Primitive Methodist Church)L51/13 Pendlebury, Bethel Primitive Methodist Church, Station RoadL51/14 Salford, St Stephen Street United Methodist ChurchL51/15 Salford, Liverpool Street United Methodist Free ChurchL51/16 Irlams-o'-th'-Height, Bolton Road United Methodist Free ChurchL51/17 Swinton, Worsley Road Methodist Church (formerly UMFC)L51/19 Pendlebury, Happyland United Methodist Free Church, Dumbell StreetL51/20 Pendleton, Broad Street Primitive Methodist Church
Swinton Methodist Circuit
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The records were deposited 1977-1981 by E.A. Rose, Honorary Methodist District Archivist and in 1976 by Revd. E.P. Coupland, with additional records transferred from the Property Division in 1981. A further deposit was made in 1985 by Joyce Millington, Honorary Circuit Archivist. Additional deposit received from Rev. David Copley, Superintendent Minister, Manchester and Salford Methodist Mission, Apr 2001 (accession 2001/11): L51/4/1/2/2, L51/4/1/3/1-3, L51/4/1/4/1-5, L51/4/3/1/1-3, L51/4/3/2/1-2, L51/4/3/4/1 Additional deposit received from Stephen Smith, Circuit Steward, Swinton Methodist Circuit, Apr 2001 (accession 2001/13): L51/1/4/1/5-6 Additional deposit received from Stephen Smith, Circuit Steward, Salford Methodist Circuit, May 2004 (accession 2004/34) Additional deposit received from Stephen Smith, Circuit Steward, Salford Methodist Circuit, Oct 2007 (accession 2007/43)
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Old Accession Number: 2001/11 2001/13 2004/34 2007/43
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