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Records of Rochdale Magistrates Court
Records of Rochdale Magistrates Court
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Court Registers 1840-1992; Juvenile Court Registers 1933-1992Related Material:Rochdale Local Studies Library has early records concerning complaints made to the court (Ref GB128.LA/J)Place:Rochdale Metropolitan Borough/Greater Manchester/England
Records of Rochdale Magistrates Court
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Rochdale was first made a borough in 1832, under the 1832 Reform Act, and in 1889 became a county borough. In 1974 Rochdale Metropolitan Borough was formed, which comprised Rochdale County Borough, and Middleton and Heywood Municipal Boroughs. Thus in 1974 there was a major re-shuffle in local government, and as a result the courts of Middleton and Heywood were amalgamated. Middleton and Rochdale had separate courthouses until 1974, when they merged. In 1996 there was a further re-shuffle, where Rochdale, Middleton, and Heywood, became one, although there are still offices in Middleton and Rochdale. Oldham became a borough in 1849 and a county borough in 1889, and was later associated with Middleton. In 1974 it was made part of Oldham Metropolitan Borough, and Middleton became part of Rochdale Metropolitan Borough. Rochdale held the records for Oldham up until 1974, but from 1974 they were kept in Oldham Metropolitan Borough. The police courts were separated into Borough and County Magistrates, and both the County and the Borough Magistrates' Courts of Rochdale were held in the Town Hall in Rochdale on their respective days. This collection consists mainly of court registers, all for petty sessions. These record individual cases brought before the Magistrates, covering crimes such as petty theft, motoring offences, serving alcohol out of licensing hours etc. The registers give the name, address and age of the defendant, the nature of the crime, the name of the informant, place and date of offence, the verdict, and the punishment to be carried out. They are not indexed, and therefore anyone wanting to search for a particular case will need to know the place and date of the hearing.
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Old Accession Number: GMCRO 1601 GMCRO 1728 GMCRO 1890
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