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Rochdale, St. Alban
Rochdale, St. Alban
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Baptism Registers, 1856-1970; Marriage Registers, 1856-1970; Funeral Services, 1953-1966; Banns Books, 1945-1970; Confirmation Register, 1951-1970; Registers of Services, 1883-1914, 1951-1957, 1962-1972; Parish Boundaries Etc., 1854-1925; Income of the Benefice, 1866; Parsonage, 1957-1959; Parish Magazine, 1929; Year Book, 1955; Vestry Minutes, 1856-1969; Accounts, 1861-1963; Repairs, 1933Records of the Day School : Instrument of Management, 1955; Accounts, 1903 - 1956; Managers' Correspondence, 1953 - 1957; Report on Religious Knowledge, 1953; Circulars 1955; Miscellaneous papersPlace:/Pinfold/Castleton/Rochdale/Lancashire/England
Rochdale, St. Alban
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The site for a new church at Pinfold was given by Abraham Brierley of Rochdale in September 1854 (L61/1/7/1) and St. Alban's was consecrated on 2 February 1856. A District was assigned from the parish of Rochdale by Order in Council 28 April 1856, (London Gazette, 9 May). In 1867 part of the parish was assigned to the new District of Falinge by Order in Council, 4 November, (London Gazette, 5 November 1867). Parts of the Rochdale parish were added to St. Alban's by Orders in Council, 16 May 1871, (London Gazette, 19 Nay 1871), and 19 Nay 1884 (London Gazette, 50 Nay 1884). In 1895 part of St. Alban's was assigned to St. Luke's, Deeplish, by Order in Council 13 August (London Gazette, 20 August 1895). In 1915 part of the parish was assigned to St. Aidan's, Sudden, by Order in Council, 22 November, (London Gazette, 25 November 1913). A further portion was assigned to St. George, Oakenrod by Order in Council, 24 July 1925, (London Gazette, 28 July). The last service in St. Alban's church was held on 17 January 1971. St. Alban's church was declared redundant by Order in Council, 23 June 1971, (London Gazette, 25 June 1971), and ordered to be demolished by Order in Council, 27 October 1971, (London Gazette, 28 October 1971). Most of the parish was united with St. George, Oskenrod by Order in Council 1 March 1972, (London Gazette, 3 March 1972), as the parish of St. George with St. Alban, Rochdale, the rest of the parish being added to St. Aidan's, Sudden.
The records were deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office in December 1986 by Rev. R. Coward.
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