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Daubhill, St. George The Martyr, Bolton
Daubhill, St. George The Martyr, Bolton
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Baptism Registers 1881-1920; Marriage Registers 1881-1920; Service Sheets 1878, 1880; Parish Magazines 1881-1882Minutes of the Building Committee 1878; Plans 1875, 1879 & no date; Papers concerning the building late 19th cent.Place:/Daubhill/Over Hulton/Deane/Lancashire/England
Daubhill, St. George The Martyr, Bolton
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wSt. George the Martyr church was built to the memory of Rev George Marsh (1515-1555), a native of the parish of Deane, who was burnt as a Protestant heretic during the reign of Queen Mary. The site was given by James Ormrod of Halliwell Lodge. The memorial stone was laid on 28 September 1878 and the church consecrated on 6 March 1880. A District was assigned from the parish of Deane, by Order in Council, 2 March 1881, (London Gazette, 4 March). Additions were made to the parish from Emmanuel, Bolton, by Order in Council, 3 May 1882, (London Gazette, 9 May) and from The Saviour, Bolton, by Order in Council, 20 October 1898, (London Gazette, 25 October). In 1930 part of the parish was transferred to St. Philip's, Bolton, by Order in Council, 15 May, (London Gazette, 16 May). Part was exchanged with Deane, and some was received from St. Paul with Emmanuel, Bolton, by Pastoral Order, 16 September 1981, (London Gazette, 23 September).
records were deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office by Rev. E. A. Walker in November 1980, and April and November 1983.
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