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Goodshaw, St. Mary And All Saints
Goodshaw, St. Mary And All Saints
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Records of Incumbent Baptisms, 1752-1812 and Burial Registers, 1755-1812; Baptism Registers, 1815-1900; Marriage Registers, 1858-1907; Burial Registers, 1815-1895; Banns Books, 1859-1932; Registers of Services, 1888-1972; Service Sheets etc., 1926; Copy of Deed for Building Church, 1540; Licences to Solemnize Marriages, 1857; Boundaries (Orders in Council etc., 1869-1899) Churchyard Plans, n.d. and 1851; Registers of Graves, c 1879-1951; Extension of Churchyard, 1824; Restriction of Burials, 1855; Extension of Churchyard, 1899; Extension of Churchyard, 1957; Miscellaneous re Churchyard, 1930; Glebe : Sharples Hey, Crawshawbooth. 1789; Meadow Top Farm, Edgeside, 1859-1922; Hall Stones Green Farm, Stansfield, Yorks., 1906-1915; Miscellaneous about Glebe, 1918; Plan of Vicarage Windows, 1909; Income, 1867- c 1960; Payment of Synodals, 1877; Tithe, 1850; Payment to Vicar of Crawshawbooth, 1900-1972Records of Churchwardens, Overseers, Vestry and Constables : Overseers' Accounts, 1691-1741, and Churchwardens' Accounts, 1701-1741.Vestry Minutes 1816-1854, Overseers' Accounts, 1810-1832,; Churchwardens' Accounts, 1812-1844 and Constables' Accounts, 1855-1844.; Select Vestry Minutes, 1821-1856; Vestry Minutes, 1855-1896 and Churchwardens accounts 1846-1886; Sequestration Papers, 1854; Plans and Allotments of Pews, 1740-1836; Faculties, 1818-1828; Plans of Church, n.d.; Electricity Supply, 1926; Rentokil Guarantee, 1965; Organ, 1956-1970; Insurance, 1877Records of the Parochial Church Council : Minutes, 1920-1953; Correspondence, 1934-1980CHARITIES : Samuel Mills's Charity, 1862SUNDAY SCHOOLS : Goodshaw Church Old School Extension, 1885-1886; All Saints Sunday School, Loveclough Teacherst Minutes, 1926-1944; Accounts, 1931-1965DAY SCHOOLS : Loveclough Church of England School Managers' Minutes, 1930-1971; Accounts, 1868-1899; Financial and Statistical Summaries for National and Sunday Schools, 1869-1887; Headmasters' Reports, 1963-1972; Clowbridge Church of England Primary School H.M.I. Report, 1961OVERSEERS OF THE POOR [see also Records of the Churchwarden records] : Appointment of Overseers, 1829; Accounts, 1822-1843; Applications for Relief, 1827-1830; Assignments of Goods by Recipients of Relief, 1832; Settlement Certificates, 1812-1829; Settlement Examinations, 1829; Removal Order, 1830; Orders for Apprehension of Putative Fathers, 1829-1830Miscellaneous Papers including : Deeds of Property of New College, Oxford, in Oxfordshire; Plans of Oadby and Gaddesby churches, Leicestershire, 1853; Extracts from John Wesley's Diary, 1747-1766Related Material:The Archives Department also has Archdeacon John Rushton's Visitation papers, mid. 19th c. (MSf 942.72 R121 vol. 73).Place:/Goodshaw Booth/Lancashire/England
Goodshaw, St. Mary And All Saints
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The first chapel at Goodshaw in the parish of Whalley was built following an agreement of 1540 (L82/l/l0) to build a church at Morrell Height for the inhabitants of Crawshawbooth, Gambleside, Goodshaw and Loveclough. It was rebuilt c 1780 and again in 1828. It was subordinate to Newchurch in Rossendale from 1551 to 1584, when it came under Haslingden. By Order in Council, 6 October 1849, the township of Higher Booths was taken from Haslingden and assigned to Goodahaw. In 1899 the District of St. John's, Crawshawbooth was formed from Goodshaw by Order in Council 7 October (London Gazette, 17 October 1899). Additions were made to the parish from St. Leonard's, Padiham, St. Matthew the Apostle, Habergham Eaves and the extra parochial district of Dunnockshaw by Order in Council 2 April (London Gazette 13 April 1909).
The records were deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office in February 1982 by Rev. R. E. Mallinson.
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