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Records of Budenberg Gauge Co Ltd
Records of Budenberg Gauge Co Ltd
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This archive contains the departmental 'Day Books' (sales and repair work ledgers) of the Budenberg Gauge Co Ltd. Each book entry records details of customers, items sold, repaired, and costs.Place:/Wales/Cheshire/England/GermanyManchester/Manchester/Manchester/Lancashire/England/Australia
Records of Budenberg Gauge Co Ltd
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The Budenberg Gauge Company was founded in 1850 as the Shaeffer Budenberg Gauge Company in Magdeburg, Germany. In 1857 a sales office was established in Manchester, England, in order to meet demand for pressure gauges from the region's cotton industry. A small assembly plant was then established on Whitworth Street in Manchester which, in 1914, transferred to larger premises in Broadheath, Cheshire. The business on this site, employing some 100 staff, was renamed the Budenberg Gauge Company Ltd. During the Second World War the company was placed under government control, supplying pressure gauges for aircraft brakes and hydraulic operating systems to the allied forces whilst its parent company supplied similar equipment to German Forces. After the war, under the directorship of Christian Frederick Budenberg, the company became fully independent of its German parent company. Steady demand for its new and replacement products; pressure gauges, dial thermometers and valves saw the company continue to expand its premises and staff numbers at the Broadheath site and establish further sites in Wales and Australia until the 1980's. During the 1990's technological advances allowed for reductions in staff numbers and in 1991 the Budenberg family sold the business to Burnfields Ltd. Source: Frank Bamford, 'Broadheath 1885-1985: A Century of Industry', (Altrincham, 1995)
Received from the Budenburg Gauge Company in December 1997, accesion number 1638
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Arrangement:This material has been arranged into series according to department, within series, the items are arranged chronologically. The departmental divisions correspond to the geographical location of customers, although this demarcation is not always strictly adhered to.
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