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Records of Simon-Carves Ltd
Records of Simon-Carves Ltd
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Annual Returns 1944-1960, Notices of Meetings 1898-1927, Private Ledgers 1935-1955, Investment Ledgers 1946-1959, Charges Ledgers 1957-1967, Share Ledgers, share certificates and members ledgers 1896-1956, Letter Book 1922-1936; notes on the purchase of shares in the Société Carbonisation Dec 1922-Nov 1923. Ledgers relating to the Durham Coke and By-product Company and the Wilton Furnace Patent Company.
Records of Simon-Carves Ltd
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Simon Carves was one of two companies founded by Henry Simon , who was born in Germany in 1835 but left for England in 1860, arriving in Manchester the following year. He was appointed by a company to represent them in their railway contracts in Russia. In 1867 having became naturalised, he set himself up as a consulting engineer and within 14 years had introduced into England, two major industrial processes: roller flour milling and the by-product coke oven. He had no works of his own except for a small experimental workshop in East Street, Manchester (later transferred to Mount Street). By 1892 he announced that over 400 mills had been built on the Simon system in the UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia, India, South America and Japn. In 1897 Simon turned his business into a private limited company, Henry Simon Ltd with a nominal capital of £100,000. Simon also introduced a by product coking plant which he had seen at work in France in 1879. These had become popular in France and Germany but British producers contined to use uneconomic 'beehive' ovens which had no by-product recovery systems. Realising the merits of the Continental system, Simon formed a partnership with François Carvés, a distinguised coke engineer. After securing the patent rights for the Carvés ovens he introduced 25 units at a Durham colliery of Joseph Pease and Partners in 1881 which were so sucessful that the plant doubled in size. To publicise the advantages of the plant, Simon formed a company with Societe Francois Carves to build and operate two batteries of ovens for a Lanchester colliery. In 1896 the compay became a limited company, Simon-Carves Bye-Product Coke Oven Construction and Working Co. Ltd. From the late 19th century the company expanded, so that by 1945 there were ten companies controlled by Simons. Records of theses companies have not been deposited.
Deposited 29 November 1990 (accession number 1418)
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