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Records of Courtaulds plc
Records of Courtaulds plc
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This material includes records for the following: Courtaulds Limited and its division Courtaulds Limited Northern TextilesGeneral records 1898-1975, leases 1930-1973, financial papers 1946-1976, reports 1958-1977 Arrow Mill, Rochdale Reports 1933-1979, general ledgers 1935-1954, wages books 1936-1965, war allowance books 1939-1946, financial papers 1939-1967, minutes 1950-1963Harwood Cash & Co, Mansfield General records 1912-1974, financial papers 1962-1974, minutes 1964-1973Ashton Brothers & Co Ltd Leases and property records 1931 - 1942, financial papers 1942-1971, pension fund accounts 1947-1969; trustees ledgers 1965-1970Fine Spinners & Doublers Ltd Leases 1736-1965, general records 1890-1966, trademarks 1895-1984, financial papers 1898-1971, registers of seals 1899-1948, reports 1899-1977, minutes 1908-1965, Finance Committee minutes 1908-1964, Directors minutes 1936-1961, trusts 1940-1970, Chairman's private minutes 1946-1970, Management Board minutes 1954-1962 Fine Cotton Spinners and Doublers Association Directors fees and bonuses 1898-1951, Executive Directors minutes 1898-1954, Directors minutes 1898-1955, subsidiary companies minutes 1899-1962, Directors registers 1909-1965 Lancashire Cotton Corporation Ltd Financial papers 1921-1971, minutes 1929-1931, 1961-1964, Finance Committee minutes 1929-1937, Directors attendance books 1929-1968, Board Committee minutes 1929-1961, leases and property records 1930-1972, register of seals 1934-1949; wages book 1973-1974Subsidiary CompaniesMinutes, ledgers and wages books of the following companies: Ainsworths, Allied Silk Mills, Barber Textiles, Bennett & Co, Bentley Smith & Co, Bolton Spinning & Doubling Co, A. Brooks & Co, Brown & Co, Brown & Fallows, Bull Royd Mill, Caleb Wright & Co, Carr Manufacturing Co, Dee Mill, Deltapine, Lilac Mill, Maple Mill, RP Lawson & Sons, Victor MillPlace:/Lancashire/England/Greater Manchester/England
Records of Courtaulds plc
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Received from Courtaulds Spinning, Oldham on 29 April 1992, accession number 1466
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Arrangement:This records are arranged into groups according to their creating company. Within group these records are arranged into series which consist of numbers of items related by function and/ or format. Within series, items are arranged chronologically
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