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Bolton, Emmanuel Church, Cannon St.
Bolton, Emmanuel Church, Cannon St.
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Records of the Incumbent including : Baptisms, 1842-1861, Burials, 1842-1930; Baptism Registers, 1861-1939; Marriage Registers, 1857-1947; Banns Books, 1877-1897, 1916-1979; Registers of Services, 1925-1966; Service Sheets, 1837-1960; Sentence of Consecration, 1839; Authorisation for Services under New Parishes Act (1856), 1861; Licences for Services in Day School During Alterations to Church, 1922-1934; Parish Boundaries, 1881-1981; Churchyard, 1854-1902;. Conveyance of Old Christ Church Site to Bolton Corporation, 1938-1951; Lease of Property in Jackson St., 1942; Surveys of the Parsonage and Dilapidations Assessments, 1899-1966; Parsonage Insurance Policies, 1888-1903; Endowment of the Living, 1873-1904; Income of the Benefice, c 1864; Application for Grant for a Curate, 1875; Loan to Bolton Corporation, 1894-1896; Receipt for Payment of Synodals, 1859; Statistical Returns of Parochial Work, 1907-1915; Parish Magazines, 1893, 1897; Historical Notes, 1886-1910; Incumbents' Benefice Papers, 1865; Miscellaneous - Grave Deed for Deane Churchyard, 1930Records of Churchwardens & Vestry : Vestry Minutes, 1845-1849, 1888-1941, and Records of Churchwardens' Accounts, 1889-1921; Papers Relating to Incumbents, 1854-1859; Accounts, 1922-1963; Pew Rents, c 1924-1949; Notes of Offertories, 1859, 1895; Bank Pass Books, 1922-1929, 1944-1954, 1957-1958; Annual Statements of Accounts, 1943-1949; Bill for Register Pages, 1855; Faculties, 1866-1977; Re-Seating of Church, 1845; Alterations and Improvements, 1889-1890; Letters from Architect, R. K. Freeman, 1889-1891; Bills for Improvements, 1889-1890; Inventories, 1914 and no dateRecords of the Parochial Church Council : Minutes, 1905-1918, 1931-1972; Electoral Roll, c 1934-1966; Correspondence about Redundancy of the Saviour, 1972-1973MISSIONS : Mortgage of Cannon St. Mission, 1895-1908; Insurance Policy for Bantry St. Mission, 1892; Minutes of Hammond St. Mission, 1953-1980SOCIETIES : Receipts for Loans by Sick Society, 1890-1895; Accounts for Choir Picnic, 1947; Church Lads' Brigade Enrolment Certificate, 1940Records of the Day School : Papers Relating to Deeds, 1902-1905; Agreement of Bolton Corporation to Adopt Superannuation Act (1922), 1931; Notifications of Grants from Education Department, 1871, 1896-1899; Receipts for School Fees, 1896-1899; Notes of Money in Williams Deacon and Manchester & Salford Bank Ltd. 1899-1900; Payments of Telephone Wayleave by Great and Little Bolton Co-op. Soc. Ltd., 1898-1899; Building Contract for Classroom Adjoining Infants School, 1871; Plans of Proposed Extension, 1888; Plans of Proposed Alterations, 1898; Specification and Tender for Proposed Alterations, 1898; Specification and Tenders for Concreting Schoolyard, 1937-1939; Insurance Policy, 1888; Licences for Dancing, Singing and Music, 1932-1949;Licence for Performance of Stage Plays, 1946Related Material:The Archives Department also has Archdeacon John Rushton's Visitation Returns, mid 19th Century which include notes on the church. (MSf942.72 R121 vol. 13).The records of St Pauls with Emmanuel, Bolton:- L146Place:/Little Bolton/Bolton le Moors/Lancashire/England
Bolton, Emmanuel Church, Cannon St.
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The corner stone was laid on 22 November 1837 and the church consecrated on 28 June 1839. A District was assigned to Emmanuel from the parish of Bolton by Order in Council, 11 August 1841, (London Gazette, 12 November). In 1844 part of the District was assigned to the new Christ Church by Order in Council, 23 May (London Gazette, 3 June) and in 1882 part to the new church of The Saviour, by Order in Council, 27th February (London Gazette, 3 March). Further alterations of the parish boundaries occurred when parts were transferred to St. George the Martyr, Daubhill, by Order in Council 3 May 1882 (London Gazette, 9 May), and part to the Saviour by Order in Council, 20 October 1898 (London Gazette, 25 October). In 1933 on the dissolution of Christ Church part of that parish returned to Emmanuel, by Order in Council, 24 July, (London Gazette, 28 July). Emmanuel was held in plurality with St. Paul's from 1966 (Order in Council, 8 August, London Gazette, 11 August). The parish of The Saviour was united with Emmanuel by Order in Council 4 February 1972 (London Gazette, 10 February) Emmanuel becoming the name for the united parish and its church the parish church. In 1976 Emmanuel was united with St. Paul's as St. Paul with Emmanuel, by Order in Council, 15 December, (London Gazette, 17 December), but both churches continue in use.
The records were deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office in September 1982 and December 1984 by Rev. R.J.N. Cook.
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