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British Textile Employers' Association
British Textile Employers' Association
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Cotton Spinners & Manufacturers' Association Minute Books 1866-1961; Minutes of Joint Meetings of Employers and Operatives 1881-1960; Joint Prices Committee Minutes 1935-1938; Coloured Goods Committee Minutes 1938-1953; Financial Records 1913 - 1961; Newspaper Cuttings 1922-1944; Rayon Weaving Association Full Committee Minutes 1941-1950; Executive Committee Minutes 1942-1956; Other Committee Minutes 1939-1961 UK Textile Manufacturers' Association Various Committee Minutes 1961 - 1969; Letter Books 1961 - 1969 Federation of Master Cotton Spinners' Association General Committee Minutes 1941 - 1961; General Committee Papers 1951 - 1960; Finance Committee Minutes 1941-1961; Agenda Books 1952-1962; Financial Records 1903-1962; Annual Reports 1904-1941 (incomplete) British Spinners' & Doublers' Association Management Committee Minutes 1961 - 1969, Finance Committee Minutes 1961 - 1969; Financial Records 1960-1970; Desk Diaries 1963-1968; Letter Books 1961-1969 Federation of Calico Printers and associate organisations Minute Books 1905-1922, 1916-1964, 1916-1931, 1915-1928, 1942-1956 Employers' Federation of Bleachers and associate organisations Minute Books 1893-1966; Correspondence Book 1917-1923; Financial Records 1953-1971, Price Lists 1907-1914 Textile Finishing Trades' Association Minutes 1957-1970; Financial Records 1952-1967 Federation of Master Packers and associate organisations Minutes 1955-1978; Financial Records 1916-1970 Controlled Comprehensive Shrinkage Association Cash Book, Paying in Book, Statements of Account 1954-1967 Manchester Office and Warehouse Advisory Council Cash Book, Statements of Account, Agreements, Annual Returns 1957-1967; Association of Co-Licencees Cash Book, Paying in Book, Statements of Account 1943-1965 Tebilized Trade Mark Users' Association Minutes, Correspondence, Register of Members 1950-1970 Bleachers and Dyers' Mutual Indemnity Company Ltd Minute Books 1898-1957, Correspondence 1960-1963, Workmen's Compensation Act Papers 1906-1934 Colour Users' Association Minute Book 1954-1956 Federation of Engravers Minute Book 1954-1956 Cotton Employers' Parliamentary Association Minute Book 1899-1911 Finishing Trades Staff Pension & Assurance Scheme Correspondence 1957-1963 Dyers of Man-Made Fibre Fabrics Federation Ltd Register of Members 1956-1961 British Textile Employers' Association Letter Books 1969-1973
British Textile Employers' Association
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The British Textile Employers Association (BTEA) was formed 1 April 1969 by an amalgamation of the British Doublers and Spinners Association, the UK Textile Manufacturers Association and the Textile Finishing Trades Association. They in themselves were formed from predecessor bodies covering (in theory) the UK, including Northern Ireland. The majority of members confined their activities to within a 30 mile radius of Manchester. While the forerunners of the BTEA were formed to corner the market in raw cotton and fight Trade Union strength, the BTEA was formed so that the industry, which up to 1969 liaised in an informal and disparate manner, could formulate policy on commercial and industrial questions and to speak and act with one voice. Membership was either in person or corporate bodies carrying on business in the spinning, doubling, weaving, knitting and other stages of the processing of cotton, man made and allied fibres. The growing of cotton or production of man made materials was not represented. There was provision for associate membership by organisations but not individual members in allied fields. There were three such associate members, The Bleachers and Finishers Association Incorporated, Belfast, The Dyers and Finishers Association, Bradford and the Macclesfield Textile Manufacturers Association.
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Deposited 17 June 1981 (accession number 839)
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Arrangement:These records are arranged by Association. Each Association is then arranged by series which are chronologically ordered.See posters: Don't Make It Easy, Cotton Waste, Dangerous, Music for Safety at BA/80/5 (small map folder)
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