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Bolton, St. James The Apostle, Waterloo St.
Bolton, St. James The Apostle, Waterloo St.
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Records of the Incumbent including : Baptism Registers, 1863-1962; Marriage Registers, 1872-1962; Banns Books, 1903-1912, 1955-1962; Confirmation Registers, 1926-1959; Register of Services, 1903-1912; Establishment of the Church, 1870-1871; Parsonage, 1957; Correspondence about Repairs to Vicarage, 1958-1959; Correspondence about Condition of the Church,1959-1960; Correspondence about the Future of the Church, School and Parish, 1958-1961Records of Churchwardens : Pew Rent Accounts, 1869-1897; Sequestration, 1958; Faculties, 1909-1964; installation of New Electric Lighting, 1957; Insurance, 1959; Inventory, 1907Records of the Parochial Church Council : Minutes, 1930-1962; Correspondence about Closure of St. James's, 1960-1962; Correspondence about Disposal of Fuxnishings, 1960-1962; Electoral Roll, 1951-1959Records of the Sunday School : Memorial Brass, c 1920Records of the Day School : Managers' Minutes, 1932-1962; Schemes and Instruments of Management, 1959-1960; Correspondence about Appointments of Managers 1958-1 962; Correspondence about Appointments of Teachers, 1958-1961; Inspection in Religious Knowledge, 1958; Correspondence about Repairs to School, 1958-1961; Letter about Valuation of School, 1961; Correspondence about Use of School by Other Organisations, 1959-1961; Correspondence about Proposed Closure of School, 1959-1962; Plans, 1898-1904Place:/Little Bolton/Bolton le Moors/Lancashire/England
Bolton, St. James The Apostle, Waterloo St.
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St. James started as a school and lecture room attached to St. George's in 1862. The foundation stone of the church was laid in May 1867 and it was consecrated in 1869. It was assigned a District from St. George's by Order in Council, 22 April 1872 (London Gazette, 25 April). In 1879 part of the parish was transferred to All Souls, Astley St., by Order in Council, 29 November, (London Gazette, 12 December 1879). The church became unsafe and the last service was held on 16 September 1962, and the parish was re-united with All Souls as All Souls with St. James's, by Order in Council, 11 November (London Gazette, 17 November 1966). References to the closure of St. James's and the union with All Souls are to be found among the records of All Souls (L117/5/9 and 10).
The records were deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office in November 1982 by Rev. J. Chapman, and by Rev. J.I. McFie, Area Dean, in March 1987.
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