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TDG Northern Ltd
TDG Northern Ltd
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Records of Trafford Park Cold Storage Ltd 1919-1972, J.Pickup & Son 1939-1975, H.Evers Ltd 1931-1967, Walter Denton Ltd 1937-1974, Frank Morgan & Co Ltd 1963, Reliance Motors Co 1955-1971, Smiths of Eccles 1953-1983Related Material:The Manchester Ship Canal Company has material relating to Trafford Park Estates and Mr. Marshall StevensPlace:/Trafford Park/Davyhulme/Eccles/Lancashire/England
TDG Northern Ltd
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TDG Northern are a company specialising providing a commercial storage for private sector records. As such they have not deposited their records with the record office. Apart from the records of Trafford Park Cold Storage Company, not much can be gleaned about the history of the other companies, which undertook road haulage businesses., as solitary minute books are all that survive Trafford Park Cold Storage Company was formed in 1918 and was registered with nominal share capital of £100,000. The government, through the Ministry of Food, provided a loan of £45,475 for equipping a cold store with a capacity of of 1.5 million cubic feet. The loan was to be paid of within five years after the declaration of peace. Mr Marshall Stevens, formerly of the Manchester Ship Canal Company was appointed chairman However, the building was not finished until 1919 and expected supplies of beef and mutton from Australia did not arrive in sufficient quantities in the early years of the venture. By 1925 25,000 carcasses were stored by the company and by the end of the decade trade was at a successful level. In 1922 the company erected a separate building known as the 'Cool Store'. This smaller unit had a capacity for just over million cubic feet and was meant for the storage of foodstuffs that did not require deep freezing. It handled beef, diary products and fruits. The Cool Store enjoyed moderate success in the inter war years but by the end of the Second World War, the property had passed to the Port of Manchester Warehouse for the storage of tobacco.
Deposited 5 November 1987 (accession number 1305)
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