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Bolton, St. Matthew with St Barnabas
Bolton, St. Matthew with St Barnabas
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Records of the Incumbent including : Baptism Registers 1875-1955; Marriage Registers 1876-1953; Banns Book 1924-1931; Confirmation Register 1929-1957; Registers of Services 1874-1970; Deeds of Site of the Church and Parsonage 1873-1896; Correspondence with the Ecclesiastical Commissioners 1875-1876; The Building of the Church 1874-1875; Approval of the Church 1876; Parish Boundaries 1875; Parsonage 1968; Income of the Benefice 1911-1951Records of Churchwardens & Vestry : Vestry Minutes and Records of Churchwardens' Accounts 1876-1905; Minutes of Committee for New West Window 1891; Various Accounts 1936-1978; Pew Rents 1877-1982; Income and Expenditure Accounts 1979-1980; Faculties 1886-1976; Plans 1906-1924;.Building of New Vestry 1890-1891; Modification of Church Into Dual Purpose Building 1977; Inventories 1909-[1918?]Records of the Parochial Church Council : Minutes 1927-1971; Finance Committee Minutes 1929-1959; Electoral Rolls ca. 1949-1968; CHARITIES : Eleanor Ann Holmes 1910-1911Records of the Sunday School : Sick and Burial Society Minutes 1925-1947Records of the Day School : Managers' Minutes 1873-1884; Deeds of School Site 1862-1937; Charity Commissioners Scheme 1877; The Building of the School 1879; Plans 1895; Department of Education Grant Forms 1897-1901; School Caretaker 1931IRVING ST. MISSION : Accounts 1910-1924; Letters about Closure 1925-1926JAMES TERRACE MISSION : Insurance 1949; Licence for Divine Worship 1964; Sale of Mission 1972Place:/Great Bolton/Bolton le Moors/Lancashire/England
Bolton, St. Matthew with St Barnabas
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St. Matthew's began as a school church in Mount St. in the parish of St. George's, licensed for worship on 10 January 1874. The foundation stone of the church was laid on 29 March 1875 and it was consecrated on 13 September 1875. A District was assigned to it from St. George's, Bolton, by Order in Council, 26 October 1875, (London Gazette, 29 October). Part of the parish was assigned to the new church of St. Barnabas by Order in Council, 6 March 1896, (London Gazette, 10 March). By Order in Council, 27 October 1971, (London Gazette, 29 October) the parishes of St. Matthew and St. Barnabas were united as St. Matthew with St. Barnabas, St. Matthew's becoming the parish church of the united benefice. The old St. Matthew's church was declared redundant by Order in Council 10 March 1982 (London Gazette, 16 March) and from then on services were conducted in the new St Matthew's Worship Centre on Brownlow Way.
The following records were deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office by Rev. I.E. Butterworth in March 1983 and November 1984, and by Rev. E. Swinnerton, in July 1990.
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Old Accession Number: 2015/28 2015/30 2016/107
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