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Daisy Hill, St. James, Westhoughton
Daisy Hill, St. James, Westhoughton
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Records of Incumbent Baptism Registers, 1882 - 1980; Marriage Registers, 1882 - 1992; Burial Register, 1889 - 1964; Banns Books, 1882 - 1994; Registers of Confirmations, 1952 - 1973; Registers of Services, 1891 - 1995; Licence for Divine Service, 1840; Churchyard (see also 14-16 below) - letters re war graves, 1971; Dilapidations Assessment, 1969; Marriage Licences, 1972-1973; Service Sheets, 1962-1985; Doctrine, 1974; Boundaries, 1981-1982; Grave Register, 1889-1950; Grave Receipt Books, 1889-1989; Exhumation, 195; Parsonage ; Proposed Purchase of Land Adjoining Parsonage Garden, 1971-1980; Drainage Easement, 1976; Copy Lease of 14 Lower Leigh Rd., 1980; Parish Magazines, 1915; Newsletters, 1989-1992Establishment of the Church : Plans by Paley and Austin, 1878-1879; Bills for Building the Church, 1879-1885Records of Churchwardens : Accounts, 1922-1935, 1923 - 1941; Church Fabric; Faculties, 1897-1983; Plan, 1928; Ledgers and Paying In Books, 1956-1964, 1972-1975; Analysed Accounts, 1975-1993; Annual Statements of Accounts, 1941, 1983-1991; Bequests, 1975-1977; Quinquennial Inspections, 1971, 1982; Visit by Secretary of the Advisory Committees for the Care of Churches, 1973; Rural Dean's Visitation, 1973; Insurance, 1972-1974; Organ, 1971 Electricity, 1965Records of the Parochial Church Council : Minutes, 1958-1985; Charges for Use of Day School By Church Groups, 1990-1993; Makan and Haddock Trust Extract from Trust Deed, 1891; Charity Commissioners Schemes, 1946-1977; Trustees' Minutes, 1892-1959; Trustees' Correspondence, 1992-1959; Copies of Returns to Charity Commissioners, 1901, 1933; Statements of Accounts, 1891-1916, 1926-1946; Counterfoils of Payments, 1911-1943; Bank Pass Book, 1896-1944; Investments, 1924- 1976; Income Tax Re-Payment Claims, 1926-1947; Diocesan Loan for Restoration of Church, 1929; Insurance, 1932-1935; Bills for Repairs to Church, 1909-1953; Bills for Repairs to Organ, 1922; Receipts for Organist's Salary, 1917-1943; Miscellaneous Bills, 1918-1939; Copy Report on Parsonage, 1921; Additional Deposit, Nov. 1996; Sale of Freehold of 'Spring Mount', High Bank Lane, Lostock, 1972-1977; Sale of Freehold of 'The Kilphin', Princess Rd., Lostock, 1981-1984.St. James Church of England School, Daisy Hill : Schedule of Deeds (1841-1920); Bills for Enlargement of School, 1895-1896; Building of New Infant School, 1901; Bank Pass Books, 1902-1922; Managers' Minutes, 1966-1972; Instrument of Management, 1973; Trustees, 1973; Charity Commissioners Scheme for Regulation of Trusteeship, 1975; Finance 1957-1973; School Building, 1960-1972Miscellaneous Papers including : Photographs, no date; Memorial Bookmark, 1917Related Material:The Archives Section also has a plan of St. Bartholomew's parish with Daisy Hill boundaries marked, no date (L122/1/11/1) and a history of St. James's church included in The Diamond Jubilee. A Compendium of Interesting Local Matters in Connection with the Town of Westhoughton. byR. Clough, 1897 (Ref GB127.L122) Place:/Westhoughton/Lancashire/England
Daisy Hill, St. James, Westhoughton
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In 1840 a Sunday School was built at Daisy Hill and licensed for services on 3 December. A new school replaced this in 1870 and was used for services from 25 August. In 1881 St. James's church was built at the expense of Mrs. Alice Makant and Miss Margaret Haddock, sisters of Richard Haddock, a Records of the Churchwarden of St. Bartholemew's. It was consecrated on 22 April. A District was assigned by Order in Council, 6 February 1882 (London Gazette 10 February), from St. Bartholemew's, Westhoughton.
The records were deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office in April 1983 by Rev. W.J. Twidell, and November 1996 by Rev. R. Coward.
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