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Ordsall, St. Clement, Salford
Ordsall, St. Clement, Salford
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Baptism registers 1877-1969; marriage registers 1879-1979; funerals, 1963-1995, banns, 1940-1963; service registers, 1911-2003; confirmations, 1911-1962; orders of service, 1989-1999; Report to the Bishop relating to the parishes of Ordsall, 1999; Minutes and accounts of the Ordsall Community Resource Centre, 1999-2000Churchwardens annual statement of accounts 1927; faculty for placing a brass jewelled cross above church, 1888; church insurance documents, 1960s-1970s; Deed of Gift, 1961Parochial Church Council minutes 1920-1992 Sunday School Christmas 1907 certificate for regular attendance awarded to Arthur VerityPlace:/Ordsall/Salford/Manchester/Lancashire/EnglandSalford Metropolitan District/Greater Manchester/England
Ordsall, St. Clement, Salford
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St Clement's was consecrated on 14 September 1878. It was assigned a District from the parishes of St Bartholomew and Stowell Memorial, Salford, by Order in Council 14 August 1879, (London Gazette, 26 August 1879). In 1900 by Order in Council 15 May (London Gazette, 22 May) part of the parish was assigned to Cyprian, Ordsall. St Cyprian's parish was united with St Clement's as the parish of St Clement with St Cyprian, by Order in Council 23 March 1967 (London Gazette, 31 March 1967). In 1976 this united parish was joined by St Bartholomew's, by Order in Council 2 July 1976 (London Gazette, 8 July) under the name of St Clement's, Ordsall. There was some alteration to the boundaries of St Clement's and St Ignatius, Salford, by Order in Council 31 July 1977, (London Gazette, 9 June 1977).
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