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Radcliffe, St. Thomas (from March 1974, St. Thomas and St. John)
Radcliffe, St. Thomas (from March 1974, St. Thomas and St. John)
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Records of the Incumbent including: baptism registers 1826-1981; marriage registers 1849-1987; burial registers 1826-1964; banns books 1960-1988; registers of services 1906-1982; glebe terrier book 1899-1906; agreements for leases of glebe land for building purpose 1896, 1903, 1961; certificates of leases of glebe 1899-1908; parish boundaries 1839, 1973-1989; microfilms of parish registers: St Thomas, Radcliffe, baptisms 1826-1875, marriages 1847-1875, burials 1826-1895, St John's , Radcliffe, baptisms 1866-1875, marriages 1868-1875.Records of the Churchwardens including: accounts 1913-1952; faculties 1891-1986; bequests 1897-1990; plans 1974; treatment for dry rot 1970-1972. Records of the Parochial Church Council: Parochial Church Council minutes 1942-1960; Fabric Committee minutes 1958-1966; Standing Committee minutes 1962-1968. Records of St Phillip's Mission Church including: registers of services 1936-1954; minutes 1936-1968; annual statement of accounts 1957-1958. 'History of the Parish of St Thomas and St John, Radcliffe' by P J Gooderson, 1985Related Material:The Archives Department also has letters from Lady Grosvenor and her solicitors to the Diocesan Registry about the foundation of the church, January - November 1819 (M39/27/4/1-7), papers about the appointment of perpetual curates, 1819-1844 (M39/27/3/1-5), and Archdeacon John Rushton's Visitation Returns, 9 May 1846, which include a plan of the church, no date (MSf 942.72 R121 vol. 50).Place:/Radcliffe/Radcliffe/Lancashire/EnglandBury Metropolitan Borough/Greater Manchester/England
Radcliffe, St. Thomas (from March 1974, St. Thomas and St. John)
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St Thomas's was founded by Eleanor Egerton, Countess Grosvenor, in 1819. It was consecrated on 17 November 1819 as a chapel within the parish of Radcliffe. It was assigned a District from Radcliffe, by Order in Council, 3 May 1839 [London Gazette, 5 July 1839]. On 21 July 1862 the foundation stone of a new building was laid and this church was consecrated on 9 October 1864, though the tower was not added until 1871. By Order in Council, 16 May 1878, [London Gazette. 24 May 1878], part of the parish was assigned to the new church of St Andrew, Black Lane. The parish boundaries were slightly altered by Pastoral Order, 6 December 1973, (London Gazette 20 December 1973). St Thomas's parish was united with St John's, Stand Lane, when St John's church was made redundant, by Order in Council, 26 March 1974, [London Gazette, 29 March 1974, and the united parish became St Thomas and St John, Radcliffe. By Order in Council, 2 August 1989, part of St Saviour's, Ringley, was added to the parish of St Thomas and St John.
The following records were deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office, in June 1986, by Rev E J Halliday, and in May 1990.
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