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Oakenrod, St. George, Rochdale
Oakenrod, St. George, Rochdale
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Marriage registers 1927-1957; registers of services 1909-1968; papers about building a new church 1909-1943; churchwardens accounts 1909-1936; faculties papers 1939-1958; Parochial Church Council minutes 1942-1973Related Material:Baptism registers, burials of cremated remains, banns books, confirmation registers are not depositedThe records of St Alban, Rochdale, include a petition for a new parish, and the assignment of a District to St George's, 1925 (GB127.L61/l/7/13,14).Place:/Oakenrod/Spotland/Rochdale/Lancashire/England
Oakenrod, St. George, Rochdale
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St George's started as a Mission church of the parish of St Clement, Spotland, in a school in Holmes St, Oakenrod, in 1868 (GB127.L161/1/7), though a licence for divine service was not granted until 1909. Baptisms were recorded in the registers of St Clement's until 1925 when it was given its own District by Order in Council, 24 July (London Gazette, 28 July 1925), from the parishes of St Clement, Spotland, St Alban, Rochdale, and Falinge. Land for a church was purchased in 1909 on Oakenrod Hill, but it was 24 September 1938 before the foundation stone was laid, and the church was consecrated on 16 December 1939. In 1972 the size of the parish was increased by the addition of most of St Alban's Rochdale, by Order in Council, 1 March (London Gazette, 3 March 1972) and the parish became St George with St Alban, Rochdale.
These records were deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office in December 1986 by Rev H Coward.
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