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Papers of the Egerton family, Earls of Wilton, of Heaton Hall
Papers of the Egerton family, Earls of Wilton, of Heaton Hall
1304-20 cent.
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Title deeds: Great and Little Heaton 1304-1804, Blackley 1611-1851, Radcliffe and Ainsworth 13th C-1829, Crumpsall and Prestwich 1561-1856, Sharples 13thC-1806, Pilsworth 1590-1856, Denton 1597-1852, Holywell (Co. Flint) 1613-1805, Wrinehill 1606-1800, Batley and Dewsbury 1622-1808, Farthingoe (Co Northants) 1600-1787, Miscellaneous 13th C-1793, Family 1617-1807, Deeds received from Slater Heelis (Solicitors) 13th C-1899 Sale Particulars 1866-1931, Assheton Estate papers 1716-1768, Grants of Arms 1784-1875, Correspondence 1764-1880, Disbursement Ledgers 1786-1825, Expenditure Journals 1797-1804, Rental Account Books 1743-1790, Township Rentals for Pilsworth, Hopwood and Unsworth 1793-1955, Radcliffe, Little Lever, Outwood (later called Pilkington), 1774-1958, Sharples and Little Bolton 1793-1929, Broughton, Crumpsall and Prestwich 1793-1958, Denton and Reddish 1793-1958, Ainsworth 1790-1958, Great and Little Heaton 1793-1958, Blackley 1797-1958 Annual Rent Account Books (Stewards') 1772-1885, Tenants' Rental Ledgers 1759-1792, Statements of Account 1891-1914, Rental Ledgers 1825-1911, Annual Accounts 1915-1961, List of Applicants for Weekly Cottages 1927-1932, Cottage Rent Collectors' Books Radcliffe 1915-1943 Heaton 1896-1934, Journals 1935-1951, Agents' Diaries 1912-1940, Telephone Call Books 1893-1925, Estate Ledgers 1901-1915, Batley Estate Accounts 1746-1792, Estate Cash Books 1899-1950, Estate Out-Letter Books 1871-1919, Subscription Books 1895-1918, Capital Expenditure Accounts 1899-1908, Draft Reference Books 1890-1961, Receivers' Accounts 1915-1917, Field Books 1837-1962, Land Valuations 1909-1910Legal Drafts and Correspondence 1780-1939, Architectural Drawings 1807-c.1850, Maps and Plans (inc coal mines) c.1750-c.1930Militia: Papers of the Royal Manchester Volunteers (72nd regiment) 1782-1788, Royal Lancashire Volunteers 1779-1794 (inc Register of Recruits, Brigade Orders Notebooks, Correspondence, Muster Roll, Courts Martial, Volunteers' Certificates)Correspondence between Wilton Estate Office and building contractors or Government bodies about Building Agreements, leases, ground rents and sales of land.English and LatinPlace:/Pilsworth/Middleton/Lancashire/England/Little Heaton/Prestwich with Oldham/Lancashire/England/Manchester/Manchester/Lancashire/England/Radcliffe/Radcliffe/Lancashire/England/Sharples/Bolton le Moors/Lancashire/England/Blackley/Manchester/Lancashire/England/Denton/Manchester/Lancashire/England/Ainsworth/Middleton/Lancashire/England/Great Heaton/Prestwich with Oldham/Lancashire/England
Papers of the Egerton family, Earls of Wilton, of Heaton Hall
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1304-20 cent.
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Sir Thomas Egerton (1749-1814) first earl of Wilton (created 1801) was a descendant of a sister of the 15th and last Lord Grey de Wilton (1536-1614). In 1769 he married the heiress Eleanor Assheton of Middleton. Sir Thomas Egerton commissioned James Wyatt (1749-1813) to commence building Heaton Hall at Prestwich, Manchester in 1772. He incorporated into it some of the finest examples of the Neo-Classical period including some beautiful plasterwork. The music loving Earl furnished the hall with some magnificent furniture including an organ and many fine portrait & landscape paintings and a unique circular Pompeiian Room. In the 1820's the 2nd Earl of Wilton carried out further alterations including the building of an orangery. Many of the series of family deeds begin at the time of the first earls' marriage, though there are some medieval documents relating to the estates of the Lords Grey de Wilton and some 16C-17C deeds. There are very little personal papers of the family the archives consists mainly of estate management papers from the late 18C, but by far the bulk of this material is dated after 1870. In the late 19C, when the estates are documented most fully, the family owned over 8,000 acres in what was then Lancashire, with further estates in the West Riding, Staffordshire, Somersetshire, Leicestershire, and elsewhere. Heaton Hall was sold to Manchester City Council in 1901.
Purchased 21 April 1980 (accession number 688).
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Arrangement:Many papers are arranged by township which reflects the original order. Some papers were rearranged during the 19th century and these have lost the context in which they were created
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