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Radcliffe, St. Mary
Radcliffe, St. Mary
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Records of the Incumbent including : Baptisms, 1557-1783, Marriages, 1560-1761, Burials, 1558-1783; Baptisms and Burials, 1783-1812; Baptism Registers, 1813-1967; Marriage Registers, 1761-1992; Burial Registers, 1813-1925; Banns Book, 1969-1997; Applications for Publication of Banns, 1952-1953; Certificates of Publications of Banns 1947-1953; Marriage Licences, 1920, 1946; Parental Consents to Marriage of Minors, 1946-1952; Confirmation Register, 1937-1969; Registers of Services, 1867-1900, 1940-1947, 1961-1974; Service Sheets, no date; Tithe Map, 1841Records of Churchwardens : Accounts, 1841-1869, 1899-1922Related Material:The Archives Section also has Archdeacon John Rushton's Visitation Papers, 1846, with notes on the church and clergy, pencil sketch plans and elevation, no date, and lithograph by Selim Rothwell, no date (Msf 942.72 R121 vol.50); appointments of rectors, 1638-1839 (Ref GB127.M39/27/1/1-17), and of curates, 1727-1837 (Ref GB127.M39/27/2/1-61); engraving by Longinate, 1795 (Ref GB127.L1/60/2/1 12); History by Geoffrey Howard, 1964 (Ref GB127.L147/3/23/66); map showing alteration of parish boundaries, 1973 (L155/1/17/2). Place:/Radcliffe/Radcliffe/Lancashire/England
Radcliffe, St. Mary
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St. Mary's registers date back to 1557, but the church, which in the 19th century was known as St. Bartholomew's, existed for some time before then. The rectors can be traced to the mid 13th century. The size of Radcliffe parish was decreased in 1839 by the creation of the parish of St. Thomas, Radcliffe, by order in Council, 3 May 1839, (London Gazette, 5 July 1839). Further parts of the parish were assigned to St. Peter's, Bury, By Order in Council, 5 February 1873, (London Gazette, 11 February 1873) and St. Andrew's, Radcliffe, by Order in Council, 16 May 1878, (London Gazette, 24 May 1878). The boundaries with the parishes of St. Thomas and St. Peter were altered in 1973, by Pastoral Order, 6 December, (London Gazette. 20 December 1973).
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