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Hale Golf Club
Hale Golf Club
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Hale Golf Club
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In 1902 a group of members of Timperley Golf Club began discussions about forming a golf club in the Hale District. They held a meeting of interested people on 16 December 1902 and a provisional committee was created to approach Mr Whalley at Rossmill Farm about obtaining a seven-year lease. By the time of their second meeting on 6 February 1903 the lease had been signed. This was granted on three conditions: no golf was to be played on a Sunday, cattle and sheep would continue to graze the course, and he would need the permission of his landlords, 'The Harrop Trustees'. All of those who had their names down before 6 February 1903 were known as 'original members'. According to the records there were 69 of them, although 73 names are listed. On 8 February 1903 a sub-committee was established to draw up the rules and a club house was designed by William Owen. The official opening of the nine-hole course took place on 23 May 1903,but play had already started on 10 April 1903. At the time of establishment of the golf club, Hale was a rural area. The only access to the course was along a footpath with members arriving on foot or by bicycle. This meant that the membership radius was low. The rise of car ownership led to growth of the membership radius from four miles to ten miles at AGM of 1912. In 1923 quotations for a new road were sought and an access road was built, which still forms the current driveway. In November 1968 the course was purchased which brought greater security to the Club than the periodic lease had provided. Until this time the Club could not fully invest in either the club house or the course . By May 1970 the original wooden buildings were coming to the end of their life, suffering from wet and dry rot in addition to inadequate facilities. A decision needed to be made over whether to undertake a major renovation or build totally new facilities. In 1972 members were consulted and preferred the idea of making improvements to the existing structure. The project went through various stages of consultation and a series of plans. Work started in July 1974 and was completed by December 1974. An opening party was held in January 1975. Phase two of the work was completed in December 1975, and phase three completed in April 1976. During the building work the Club remained open. Much of this work was financed by an appeal to members who also gave donations of money and material. In March 1988 drainage consultant survey was commissioned with recommendations made. Following this a modern drainage system was installed to deal with the worst affected areas of the course. In the 1990s discussions took place regarding the rebuilding of the club house in time for the centenary in 2003. Work started in October 1995 and the building was ready for use by 11 May 1996. Portacabins were placed in the carpark while the work took place. Construction of the car park followed in 1998 and the purchase of a practice ground in 2002. From the foundation of the Club, female members were present but without voting rights. They had their own committee from August 1903 and in 1905 this Ladies Committee took over the setting of ladies handicaps. In the same year they also joined the Ladies Golf Union (LGU), Cheshire County Ladies Golf Association and the Manchester & District Ladies Golf Association. They were not permitted to attend the AGM until 28 March 2003. There was no provision for Seniors prior to 1939. The Club has seen a growth in this area of membership due to a decrease in the age of retirement following the introduction of government pensions in 1948 and the growth of company pension schemes. This has led to an increase in the number of Senior competitions and, from January 1995, the Seniors Dinners to allow members to entertain their ladies. In 1903 no provision was made for Junior members. Under 18s were not admitted to membership until 7 February 1927, when offspring of members were allowed to
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