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Oxford Archaeology North
Oxford Archaeology North
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Rivers Roch, Irk and Medlock Catchment, Greater Manchester, field survey (project code L7866) , Jan-Mar 1999 (G.OAN/Boxes 1 and 2)Former Radcliffe paper mill, archaeological assessment (project code L8071), Oct-Nov 2000 (G.OAN/Box 3)Westwood Park, Wigan, desk-based assessment (project code L9232), Oct 2003 (G.OAN/Box 4)Kennedy's Mill, Pollard Street, Ancoats, archaeological investigation (project code L10222), Nov 2010 (G.OAN/Box 5)Openshaw West, Clayton, archaeological excavation (project codes L10291 and L10403), Apr 2011 (G.OAN/Box 6)Didsbury Flood Storage Basin, watching brief (project codes L10130, L10233, L10364), May 2011 (G.OAN/Box 7)The Lowry Steps, Aspin Lane, Manchester, watching brief (project code L10686), Mar 2014 (G.OAN/Box 8)Manchester Metropolitan University Students Union, Higher Chatham Street, Manchester (project codes L01588 and L10614) (G.OAN/Box 9)Greengate and Chapel Street, Salford (project code L10398) (G.OAN/Box 10)White Moss, Moston, Manchester (G.OAN/Box 11)Motel One, London Road, Manchester (project code L10669) (G.OAN/Box 12)Leigh/Salford/Manchester bus corridor (project code L10744) (G.OAN/Box 13)Croal/Irwell River Catchments (G.OAN/Box 14)Great Hill Windfarm near Calderbrook (G.OAN/Box 15)Redbank Road Development archaeological review Nov 2005 (G.OAN/Box 16)Town and Lawson Farms, Golborne, archaeological investigation Oct 2007 (G.OAN/Boxes 17 and 18)Trafford Quays Water Taxi Basin project - evaluation files (G.OAN/Box 19)Calprina Works, Carrbrook, Stalybridge: building assessment, May 2001 (G.OAN/Box 20))Padfield to Harrop Edge Reservoir Pipeline: walkover and topographic survey, Oct 2009 (G.OAN/Box 21)Lower Wharf Street, Ashton-under-Lyne: historic research and archaeological watching brief, Nov 2009 (G.OAN/Box 22)Radcliffe Tower, Bury: archaeological evaluation and project design, May 2007 (G.OAN/Boxes 23 and 24)Aldi Foodstore, Railway Street, Ramsbottom: archaeological evaluation, Jun 2009 (G.OAN/Box 25)Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester: watching brief, Apr 2010 (G.OAN/Box 26)Sportcity, Bradford, Manchester: archaeological evaluation and excavation, Mar 2011 (G.OAN/Box 27)Pioneer Mill, Rochdale: building investigation, Dec 2007 (G.OAN/Box 28)Leigh East: archaeological evaluation, May 2010 (G.OAN/Box 29)32-38 Oldham Road, Ancoats: archaeological building investigation (project code L9887), Jul 2007 (G.OAN/Box 30)Gun Street Buildings, Ancoats: survey (project code L9519) (G.OAN/Box 31)Northern Hub Manchester and Salford Archaeological Watching Brief (L10728) (G.OAN/Box 32)Archaeological Buildings Investigation for 89-91 Great Ancoats Street (L9901) (G.OAN/Box 33)George Leigh Street, Oldham Road, Ancoats, site evaluation (project no. L9988) Feb 2008 (G.OAN/Box 34)Water Street Dye Works, Manchester, archaeological excavation (project no. L10036) Jul 2008 (G.OAN/Box 35)Proposed Brunswick PFI Regeneration Scheme aka Gartside Gardens 2, evaluation (project no. L10752) May 2014 (G.OAN/Box 36)Manchester Life Development Company sites, Ancoats, evaluation (project no. L10906) Aug 2015 (G.OAN/Box 37)G.OAN/Box 38 - Box 54 to be added to catalogueNew Islington Mills, Ancoats, Survey (project code 9275), 2004, 4 boxes, 1 roll of drawings (G.OAN/Box 55-59)Boxes include: report of archaeological evaluation; primary fieldwork records relating to New Islington Mills, Piercy Street Sizing Works, Potts Street Arm (Rochdale Canal), Salvin's Factory, Roman Road and Molyneaux Works; primary drawings, finds compendium; photographic records including colour slides; black and white photographs; thumbnail images and CD-ROMs.Roll of drawings: tracing of Goad's plan (1927); Engine Room 2; Levels - Walls; Levels - Rear [south] end of flue 143; Levels - Engine Room; Levels - Boiler 128 and Section across Engine Room and Wheel Pit (list with drawings)Waller's Mill, New Islington, Ancoats, Archaeological Evaluation (project code 9439), 2004, 1 box (G.OAN/Box 60)Box includes: final report; primary fieldwork record; primary drawings; finds compendium; monochrome index and photographs; colour index and slides; digital contact sheet and CD-ROM. Co-op Headquarters, Miller Street, Archaeological Evaluation (project code 10164), 2009, 1 box (G.OAN/Box 61)Box includes: archaeological excavation report, primary fieldwork records, finds compendium, photographic records and CD-ROMs.National Graphene Institute, Archaeological Evaluation (project code 10556), 2013, 1 box (G.OAN/Box 62)Box includes: Report of archaeological evaluation, photographic records and CD-ROM.Hathersage Road, Ardwick, Archaeological Evaluation and Excavation (project code 10845EV), 2015, 1 box (G.OAN/Box 63)Box includes: Archaeological evaluation and excavations reports; primary fieldwork records; photographs of site (thumbnails) and digital images on CD-ROM.
Oxford Archaeology North
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Oxford Archaeology is a large independent archaeology and heritage charity based in Oxford and founded in 1973. Surveys relating to Greater Manchester are deposited at the Greater Manchester Record Office.
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