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Royton, St. Paul
Royton, St. Paul
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Incumbent: Registers of Baptisms and Burials 1755-1812; Registers of Baptisms 1813-1985; Registers of Marriages 1836-1982; Registers of Burials 1813-1938; Banns Registers 1884-1992; Confirmation Registers 1956-1986; Preachers' Books and Registers of Services, 1883-1991; Visiting Preachers' Book 1908-1952; All Saints Mission Register of Services 1941-1976; Electoral Rolls 1958-1976, 1984-1989; Parish Magazines 1888-1993 (some gaps); Vicarage papers 1902-1990; Parish Boundaries papers 1969-1992; Sentence of Consecration 1757; Certificate to Solemnise Marriages 1836; Licences for Curates 1841-1939; Certificate of Consecration for the High Altar 1947; Benefice papers 1921-1987; Sequestration 1931-1964; Service sheets 1830-1995Churchwardens and Vestry: Minutes for Vestry meetings 1894-1929; Churchwardens Accounts 1806-1902; Faculties 1853-1999; Inventories 1889-1999; Papers relating to construction work carried out on the Church 1853-1983; Grave registers, monumental inscriptions and graveyard papers 1854-1982; Church Organ papers 1950-1979Parochial Church Council: Minutes 1908-1983; Accounts and Finance 1930-1996; Purchase and Sale of Property papers 1924-1957; Appointment of new persons 1981-1992; Representative Church Council: Letter from Rev. J. Humphrey with list of names and addresses of the Council 1907Schools: Minutes of the Meetings of the Managers of St. Paul's, Downey House and All Saints' Mission Schools 1903-1972; Accounts and Finance papers 1842-1911; Papers concerning the Establishment and Management of the Schools, including legal documents and correspondence 1887-1914Sunday School: Minutes 1856-1956; Accounts and Finance papers 1863-1970; Old Folks Party Statistics 1932-1983Societies and Institutions: St Paul's Schools Penny Savings Bank records 1929-1979; St Paul's Missionary Association accounts 1924-1978; Royton Church Institute papers 1931-1954; Dramatic Society Accounts 1951-1963; Annual Reports of the Societies and Institutions connected with the Church 1920-1944; Papers of St Mark Heyside Patronage Trust 1877-1985; War Memorial and Thankoffering Fund 1919-1920; Royton Churches Youth Club 1956-1969; Manchester Diocesan Million Shillings Fund 1900; Photograph of the St. Paul's Lads Brigade c.1900-1910Bi-Centenary of the Church, 195, Photograph of Rev. Richard Hill, St Paul's Penny Bank - Short History, Leaflet - Bishop of Manchester's Demonstration Against the Education Bill, 1905, 'The Story of Royton' by Christopher Pickup, St Paul's School Centenary Bazaar Handout, 1933 etc.Ephemera: Photograph c. 1900-1910Properties: Papers and correspondence re: purchase and sale of parish properties. 1906-1960Related Material:The following is held by Oldham Local Studies and Archives:School Archives:B-S1 St Paul's Church of England School, Royton 1856-1984CBO/12/5/43 St Paul's Church School Managers Minutes Mar 1933-Jun 1959Royton Building Control Plans:B-UDR/9/1198A - Staircase St Paul's School 1896B-UDR/9/1202A - Additions to St Paul's School 1897B-UDR/9/1454/1473 - St Paul's Vicarage, Church Street Royton 1902B-UDR/9/2576 - Choir Vestry at St Paul's Church, Church Street 1924B-UDR/9/2942A Alteration of sanitary accommodation at St Paul's Church Institute, Royton 1929B-UDR/9/3044 - St Paul's School, RoytonPamphlet Collection:RI:FW:QYJ Grand Bazaar Handbook 1896RI:FW Grand Imperial Bazaar Handbook 1903RI:FW Royton Parish Church - A short Record 1754-1954 [a history]PK:RI:FW St Paul's Church of England School booklet commemorating the move of the school to a new building 1977PLG:FW St Paul's Church of England Junior School prospectus c.1980Book Stock:RI:FW Memorial Inscriptions n.d. c.1970sNewspaper cuttings:Newspaper cuttings from the Oldham Chronicle various datesThe following are available on microfilm:Baptisms-1755-1850- MFPR 142Baptisms-1850-1919- MFPR 1759Burials-1757-1812- MFPR 142Burials-1813-1836- MFPR 1759Burials-1836-1858- MFPR 142 or 1760Burials-1858-1938- MFPR 1760Marriages-1839-1888- MFPR 1760Marriages-1888-1909- MFPR 1761
Royton, St. Paul
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Consecrated as a chapel of ease to Prestwich St. Mary on 1 July 1757. Restored and enlarged in 1854.
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Old Accession Number: 1999/80 1999/73
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