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Little Bolton, St. George
Little Bolton, St. George
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Records of the Incumbent including : Baptism Registers 1813-1975; Marriage Registers 1849-1974; Burial Register 1813-1904; Draft Baptism and Burial Registers 1821-1847; Banns Books 1909-1974; Banns of Marriage Certificates and Applications 1972-1974; Banns of Marriage 1876-1893; Confirmation Register 1939-1969; Registers of Services 1932-1962; Papers Relating to Parish Boundaries 1875-1913; Licence to Remove Bodies from St. George's 1909-1968; Churchyard Permissions for Burials in the Closed 1858-1879; Churchyard Papers Relating to the Sale of Tottington Glebe and Investment of Proceeds, 1920-1942; Notices of Registration of Coal Holdings 1941; Letters about Altered Tithe Apportionment 1909; Papers Relating to 65 Duke Street, Bolton 1946-1955; Copy Deed of the Vicarage. 94 Chorley New Road, Bolton 1951; Papers Relating to Church House, Clarence Street, Bolton1955;Lease of St. George's Vicarage. Albert Road 1972; Dilapidations Assessments 1942-1964; Correspondence about Benefactions 192 1-1930; Correspondence about Bequest by Canon H J Elsee 1938-1939; Notice to Quit 1892; Notices of Baptism, 1966Records of Churchwardens : Papers Relating to Clergy 1851-1929; Papers Relating to Pew Rents 1796-1887; Proposals for Building St. George's 1794; Faculties 1892-1967; Bills for Church Furnishings and Plate 1904-1914 ; Papers Relating to Renovation of St. George's 1907-1909; Papers Relating to Repair of the Organ 1947Records of the Parochial Church Council : PCC and Vestry Minutes 1907-1964; PCC Account Book 1946-1954; Certificate of Charitable Status for St. George's PCC 1966Records of the Sunday School : Papers about Graves in Tonge Cemetery belonging to St. George's Sunday School, 1927Related Material:The Archives Section also has Archdeacon John Rushton's Visitation Papers, mid 1 9th century, which include letters from Neville Jones to Rushton, about the consecration deed and pews, 22 December 1847, and about the glebe property Brick Barn Farm, Tottington, 7 August 1851, and a description of Stained Glass Windows, from the Bolton Chronicle, 26 January 1856 (MS f 942.72 R121 volume 13); also conveyance of a school in Mount Street, for the labouring classes, later transferred to the new St. Matthew's parish (Ref GB127.L123/6/3/l-7, L123/6/2/1 -7); and newspaper cuttings, 1911-1977 (Ref GB127.L147/3/25/4).Place:/Little Bolton/Bolton le Moors/Lancashire/England
Little Bolton, St. George
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The chapel of St. George, in the township of Little Bolton, in the parish of Bolton le Moors, was consecrated on 19 August 1796. A District was assigned to it from the parish of Bolton, by Order in Council, 11 August 1841, (London Gazette, 12 November 1841). The original area of the parish was reduced over the years. Part was added to St. John's, Little Bolton, by Order in Council, 6 April 1846, (London Gazette, 10 April 1846). Part was added to St. James the Apostle, Waterloo Street, by Order in Council, 22 April 1872, (London Gazette, 23 April 1872) Part was added to St. Matthew's, Bolton, by Order in Council, 26 October 1875, (London Gazette. 29 October 1875). Part was added to St. Luke's, Halliwell, by Order in Council, 23 October 1876, (London Gazette. 31 October 1876). Part was added to St. Paul's, Bolton, by Order in Council, 9 May 1891, (London Gazette. 12 May 1891). Part was added to St. Barnabas, Bolton, by Order in Council, 6 March 1896, London Gazette. 10 March 1896. By Order on Council, 19 January 1973, (London Gazette, 23 January 1973) St. George's, along with the parishes of Holy Trinity and St. Mark, was reunited with the parish of St. Peter, Bolton. St. George's church was declared redundant, by Order in Council, 25 June 1975, (London Gazette. 1 July 1975). An Order in Council of 19 January 1976, (London Gazette, 22 January 1976) permitted its use as a Music Centre. In 1983, by Order in Council, 19 October, (London Gazette, 27 October 1983) the redundant church of St. George could be leased as Museum and Craft Centre.
The records were deposited in the Library, as Diocesan Record Office, in November 1999 (Accession 1999/103), January 2000 (Accession 2000/12), by Canon Michael Williams, vicar of Bolton and in 2001.
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Old Accession Number: 1999/103 2000/12
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