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Records of the Manchester Wheelers
Records of the Manchester Wheelers
Committee minutes 1893-1990s; Journals, certificates and printed material 1883-2009; Manchester Wheelers Sports Ltd. Committee minutes 1930-1964; Photographs 20th century; Correspondence 20th century; Scrap books 1883-1901Related Material:History of the Manchester Wheelers Club available at the URL below.
Records of the Manchester Wheelers
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Manchester Wheelers began as Manchester Athletic Bicycle Club on July 7th 1883 at Albert Inn, Radnor Street, Hulme by Harry and Jack Feay and Jack Sherlock. Its existence was arguably inspired by the Great Meet of Cyclists on June 1 1883 held at Alexandra Park, Manchester, headed by the West Manchester Bicycle Club. At the first meeting in 1883 committee positions were decided and delegated with Mr W.H. Houldsworth , M.P. as president, Sherlock as Captain, Jack Feay as Sub-Captain and Harry Feay as first hon. Secretary. (Other positions were delegated as well). The decided uniform was an olive-green military suit, huntman's cap with badge and hose (black) and a whistle and cord was required as compulsory wear. The first club-run took place in 1884 to Rostherne and by 1885 150 mile runs were almost regarded as a membership qualification by the reward of medals to those who completed this distance. In 1889 the M.A.B.C. became Manchester Wheelers' club as a result of their name being too easily confused with Manchester Bicycle Club and Manchester Athletic Club. The club went on to achieve great success until 1983, where the Race Meet declined , causing a depletion of commercial support and sponsorship, leading to the club's decline. However the club still has an active membership.
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