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Ken Lumb Collection
Ken Lumb Collection
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Printed catalogue provided by depositor including an introduction about the life and work of Ken Lumb. The following box list has also been provided:BOX 1 (Sep 1973 - Nov 1990)Union of Physically Impaired Against Segregation (UPIAS) Confidential Circulars, c.75 editions plus c.10 loose notesRESTRICTED ACCESS UNTIL 2030 - prior permission required by Anne Plumb or Bernard LeachBOX 2 (1971 - c.1979)Lever Arch file: Housing and Disability, various c.80 items including:Rochdale Housing and Disability GroupCampaign against a proposed YDU (Young Disabled Unit) at Birch Hill Hospital in Rochdale, c.1977Newspaper lettersNorth Western Regional Health Authority, lettersPress CuttingsLever Arch file: Housing and Disability, various c.60 items including:Photocopies of photographsWorkable Homes, University of Göteborg, 1971Designing for Old People, CEH Centre on Environment for the Handicapped, 1973Report on Study Days for Staff from Units for the Younger Disabled, King's Fund Centre, 1975CHAT Newsletter, Co-operative Housing Agency, 1977Correspondence, variousPress cuttings, variousLiving in Units for Young Disabled People - Practical Suggestions, King's Fund Centre, 1979A Housing Policy for Physically Handicapped Persons, Irish Wheelchair AssociationHousing Scheme, 22 Main Street, Newton, Derbyshire'Le Court' housing scheme, 'Film' DVD (undated)Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation (UPIAS) founding leaflet, A4 sizeWallet, various reports, Community Care and HousingMemorandum and Articles of Association of Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP)The Responaut Study, St Thomas' Hospital, London, c.1973File, manuscripts for a video - 'Alternatives to Residential Institutions for People with Severe Physical Impairments - various items including:Tape transcripts of Ken Lumb etc interviewing - Dr Judith Gray, NHS; David Halpin, Rochdale Council; June Maeltzer; Pat and Norman Kelly; Moira Stocks; Ken and Maggie Davis; Doreen Tunstall; Tracey Kuder, Withington YDUBOX 3 (1975 - 2008)Various loose reports, c.65, including:GMCDP Calendar 1997, 1998Fundamental Principles of Disability, UPIASGMCDP Annual Report 1985-86; 1987-88; 1988-89; 1992-93; 2001-02; 2007-08.Wheelchair Housing, 1975Get In On The Act, 1999The Good Practice Guide for support workers and personal assistants working with disabled people with communication impairments.On Our Own Behalf, by Martin Pagel.Domiciliary Care for Severely Disabled People, 1977.The Principle of Normalisation, 1981.Selecting Personal Care Assistance.Housing and Care Support conference report 1982.Housing and Disability, Bill Finlay, 1978.What Children Say About School, 1998.Guidance Pack for Staff Involved in Recruitment and Selection, Manchester City Council, (undated).The Quota System for Disabled People, Dept of Employment.Towards a Housing Policy for Disabled People, c.1975Living Options Lottery, The Prince of Wales' Advisory Group on Disability, 1986-88.BCODP Annual Report 2001-02.Our Life, Our Say! a good-practice guide to young disabled people's peer mentoring/support, 2003.Direct Payments, NCIL, 1997-2004.Sheltered Employment for Disabled People, Dept of Employment.Residential Care Reviewed, Personal Social Services Council, 1977.People with Handicaps need Better Trained Workers, CCETSW, 1974.Design for Access, Manchester City Council, 2000.House Adaptations for People with Physical Disabilities, Dept of the Environment, 1988.Disability in Cuba, 1985.Vietnam Information, IYDP, 1981.Access Specifications, Rochdale Council, c.1995.A Guide to Housing Services for the Disabled, Borough of Torfaen, 1979.Unacknowledged Traces, Tony Baldwinson, 2012.Rights in Residence, 1979.Nothing Special, Micheline Mason, 1989.A Consumers Report to the World Congress on Rehabilitation International, 1980.Attitudes and Disabled People, Vic Finkelstein (manuscript), 1979.Whose Hands on Your Genes? 2000.Report by the Committee on Restrictions Against Disabled People, Peter Large, 1982.Disabled People's Arts Conference Report, 1988.Consumer Directed Housing and Care, 1979-82.Consumer Directed Housing and Care for Disabled People - the experience of three people, c.1985.Source Book Towards Independent Living, Hampshire Centre for Independent Living, c.1986.GMCDP Executive Committee Information Pack, 1994-95.The Social Model of Disability and the Disability Movement, Vic Finkelstein, 2008.Disability Challenge #2, UPIAS, 1983.Disability Challenge #1, UPIAS, 1981 (extract).The Disabled People's Movement Between 1960-1986 and its Effect Upon the Development of Community Support Services, Judith Hunt, 1992.Collaboration in Community Care - a discussion document, DHSS, c.1978.The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 - what service providers need to know, Dept for Education and Employment, (undated).BOX 4 (1968 - c.1999)Lever arch file with wallets:'Scope' newsletter, Rochdale, 1970s - 17 editionsPress cutting on Ken Lumb and three colleagues producing the newsletter: 'Compliment - and brickbats for council as handicapped keep in touch' (undated).Loose papers:Disability Income Group (DIG) Newsletters 7, 10, 1968; 12, 1969; Annual Report 1971Magic Carpet, journal of the Disabled Drivers Association, 1970s, x7 editions.GenEthics News, 1990s, 9 editionsGenetic Ethics, collection of photocopied articles, c.200 sheetsLoose journals:Cheshire Smile, Leonard Cheshire FoundationPush, Irish Wheelchair AssociationMouth, USASIA Newsletter, Spinal Injuries AssociationPhoenix charityDCDP News, Derbyshire Coalition of Disabled PeopleDisability Rag, USADIAL Magazine Anthology, the first five yearsNew View, New Vale House News-Sheet 1987, 2x editionsBOX 5 (1970s - 1980s)Lever arch file: 'Mobility, Access' - 34 walletsLever arch file: 'Disability, Organisation, Discrimination, Equal Opportunities, Disability Culture'File: 'Disability Culture'.File: 'Medical, Technical Assistance, Eugenics'.File: 'Disability Issues Training'.BOX 6 (1970s - 1980s)Lever Arch file: various, including sections on:Disability and SexualityHelper-Helped RelationshipsInternational Year of Disabled People, 1981The Politics of ParticipationCharityMedia Images of Disabled PeopleLever Arch file: Independent Living, including:CorrespondenceArticlesPress CuttingsCodes of ConductWhere Have All the Home Helps Gone? New Society, 1978Project 81 Management CommitteeProposal for a video on independent living.The Seven Needs for Independent LivingNotes on the Development of the Derbyshire Centre for Integrated Living (CIL), Ken Davis, 1984.Proposal and Budget for a Centre for Integrated Living to West Lambeth District Health Authority Community Unit, Dick Leaman, 1989.How to Be an Ally - The Role of Non-Disabled People (Which Includes Parents), Micheline Mason.Lever Arch file: various c.80 items including:Education and SegregationEmploymentIncome / FinancialLearning DifficultyBOX 7 (1970s - 1990s)Box file: Correspondence, newsletter manuscripts, 1970s-1990s.Box file:To Ian [Stanton] with Love, Our TributesCathy Avison, A CelebrationFarewell to Vic Finkelstein, Coalition, 2012Kevin Hyett (1958-2004), Archive CataloguePaul Hunt, tribute, in Responaut, 1980Dick Leaman: Friend and Comrade, by Vic Finkelstein, 1999.Family correspondence with Social Services.Degree Certificates, Open University, 1980, 1982.Ken Lumb (1941-2009), draft Archive CatalogueKen Lumb, A Tribute, Programme sheetKen Lumb, press cuttings, family notices (2009)Ken Lumb Valedictory, Vic Finkelstein, 2009DVD - A Tribute to Ken Lumb, 10 March 2009Farewell to a long-time disability activist Ken Lumb, Peter Beresford, 2009File: 'Crippen' cartoons for Coalition journal, by Dave LuptonGMCDP Archive - Proposal (undated)File: Muscle Power (Muscular Dystrophy Group) various papers, 1961-1989BOX 8 (Mar 1986 - Mar 2012)Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP) magazine 'Coalition' (aka 'Newsletter' in 1986; 'Coalition News in 1986 to 1988) - Ken Lumb was Editor until his death in 2009.80 editions, various datesBOX 9Rare books collected by Ken Lumb and relating to his area of interest.BOX 10 (1960s)Italian poster (very fragile, very faded, folded) found in Rome on a visit, text includes:- 'Fronte Radicale Invalidi' [ Radical Disability Front ]- Una Citia 'A Misura D YYY201;ssere Umano' [ a city 'fit for being human' ]wrapped in acid-free tissue paper
Ken Lumb Collection
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Ken Lumb (1941-2009), disabled rights activist and editor of Coalition, the journal of the Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People
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