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Records of Moss Side Township
Records of Moss Side Township
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Local Board of Health and Urban District Council Minutes 1856-1904; Minutes of the following Committees : Baths 1904; Building Nuisance and Hackney Coach Committee 1862-1863; Buildings and Plans Committee 1895-1904; Finance Committee 1877-1904; Fire Brigade Committee 1873-1904; Hackney Coach Committee 1877-1894; Hackney Coach and Licensing Committee 1895-1904; Highways and Lighting Committee 1879-1904; Highway, Lighting and Tramway Committee 1904; Free Libraries Committee 1895-1904; Open Spaces Committee 1895; Purchasing Committee 1880-1904; Recreation Ground Committee 1900-1904; Scavenging and Health Committee 1879-1904; Sewerage Committee 1895-1904; Slaughterhouse Committee 1877-1904; Draft Committee Minute Books 1863-1904; Plans of the Township 1890; Rate Books 1841-1910; General Accounts 1902-1903Related Material:The Library possesses a photocopy of the tithe plan of Moss Side made in 1849, the original of which is in the County Record Office at Preston.Place:/Moss Side/Manchester/Lancashire/England
Records of Moss Side Township
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Moss Side was a separate township in the Parish of Manchester, until 1856 when a Local Board was set up; in this year a small, detached portion of the township was joined to the Rusholme Local Board. Moss Side became an Urban District Council in 1894 and in November 1904, the district was incorporated in the City of Manchester. For Poor Law purposes it was in the Chorlton-upon-Medlock Union of Poor Law Guardians from 1837, being merged with other townships into the township of South Manchester in 1910
The records were transferred from the Rates Department and the Committee Clerk's Department in the Manchester Town Hall in 1958. The Library has the Official Calendar of the Moss Side Urban District Council 1895-6 to 1904-5, except 1896-7 and 1898-9 (Ref 352.04273 Mol).
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