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Manchester Photographic Society
Manchester Photographic Society
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MINUTESGeneral Meetings and Council Meetings, 1855-1866, 1884-1952; Council Meetings, 1935-1966MEMBERSHIPRegister of Members, c.1869-1881, 1892-1918; Attendance Registers, 1856-1936; Attendance at Council Meetings, 1866-1888; Rules and Lists of Members; 1868-1910, 1962; Applications Membership cards, n.d.; Voting Lists for Officers, 1887-1890FINANCEArt Union Account Book, 1869-1871; Secretary's Cash Book, 1934-1935; Receipts for Subscriptions, 1918-1921; Bank Pass Book, 1900-1921; Miscellaneous Bills, 1920-1922; Annual Statements of Accounts, 1870-1921 (incomplete), 1951-1974 (incomplete)CORRESPONDENCEOut-letter Book, 1864-1866; Correspondence, 1889, 1913-1917, 1921-1922, 1943-1971; Circulars, 1948-1976; StationeryACTIVITIESDisposal and Wanred Book, 1868-1891; Syllabuses, 1886-1888, 1932-1938, 1950-1983; Papers relating to Annual Exhibitions of Members work, 1938-1976; Replies to Invitations to Exhibitions, 1964; Catalogues for Exhibitions of Members' work, 1947-1967; Firms Advertising in the Catalogue, 1960-1967; Cards for Special Occasions, 1897 and 1955; Programmes for Miscellaneous Events, 1959-1964; Joint Meetings with Royal Photographic Society, 1971-1972PUBLICATIONSPhotographic Illustrations by Members of M.P.S, 1856-1857; 'One Hundred years of photography: 1855-1955 the centenary of the Manchester Photographic Society' by Charles Eshborn, 1955PHOTOGRAPHSAlbum of photos of members, 19th cent.; Meetings and Exhibitions, 1861-1946; Portfolio of Examples of Various Processes, and Specimen Daguerreotype; 19th cent.; Portfolios entitled Exchange No. 1 and Exchange No. 2, 19th cent; Albums of Holiday Photos by W.G. Coote, 19th cent.; Fifteen boxes of Glass Negatives, 19th cent.LANCASHIRE AND CHESHIRE PHOTOGRAPHIC UNIONHistory, 1905-1966; Competition Certifcates Awarded to M.P.S, 1970 and 1972MISCELLANEOUSThe British Journal of Photography, 1913, 1914, 1919
Manchester Photographic Society
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