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Manchester (Withington) Methodist Circuit
Manchester (Withington) Methodist Circuit
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M67/1 Manchester (Withington) Methodist Circuit formerly Manchester 5th Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, then Manchester (Oxford Road) Wesleyan Methodist CircuitM67/2 Chorlton-on-Medlock, Oxford Hall formerly Oxford Road Wesleyan Methodist ChurchM67/3 Withington Methodist Church (ex-Wesleyan Methodist), Wilmslow RoadM67/4 Rusholme Wesleyan Methodist Church, Dickinson RoadM67/5 Moss Side Wesleyan Methodist Church, Raby StreetM67/6 Ladybarn Methodist Church (ex-Wesleyan Methodist), FallowfieldM67/7 Chorlton-on-Medlock, Lower Chatham Street Wesleyan Methodist MissionM67/8 Albert Park Wesleyan Methodist Church, Barlow Moor Road, West DidsburyM67/9 Didsbury, St Paul's Wesleyan Methodist ChurchM67/10 Burnage Wesleyan Methodist Church, Burnage LaneM67/11 Didsbury, Albert Hill Street Primitive Methodist ChurchM67/12 East Didsbury Methodist Church, Parrs Wood RoadM67/13 Withington, Burton Road Primitive Methodist ChurchM67/14 Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester Road Methodist Church (ex-Wesleyan Methodist)M67/15 Barlow Moor Methodist Church, Maitland AvenueM67/16 Levenshulme Methodist Church (ex-Wesleyan Methodist), Stockport Road (Woodfold Avenue)M67/17 Longsight, Northmoor Road Methodist Church (ex-Wesleyan Methodist)Place:/Withington/Manchester/Lancashire/England
Manchester (Withington) Methodist Circuit
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The circuit began as Manchester 5th Wesleyan Methodist (Oxford Road) Circuit, formed out of Manchester 3rd Wesleyan Methodist (Grosvenor Street) Circuit in 1846. In 1867 the Beech Road chapel in Chorlton-cum-Hardy and the George Street and Radnor Street chapels in Hulme left to form Manchester (Radnor Street) Wesleyan Methodist Circuit. This left the following churches as members of the Oxford Road Circuit: Chorlton-upon-Medlock (Oxford Road Wesleyan Methodist), Chorlton-upon-Medlock (Lower Chatham Street Wesleyan Methodist Mission), Didsbury (Albert Park Wesleyan Methodist - opened 1883), Ladybarn Wesleyan Methodist, Moss Side Wesleyan Methodist (Raby Street - opened 1887), Northenden Wesleyan Methodist, Rusholme Wesleyan Methodist (Dickenson Road), Withington Wesleyan Methodist. In August 1925, the Oxford Road church left the circuit and, re-named Oxford Hall, joined the Manchester and Salford Mission Circuit. The Oxford Road Circuit was subsequently re-named Manchester (Withington) Methodist Circuit in March 1940. During the next thirty years a number of churches closed, but a number were also added so that the membership of the circuit was very different from that of the original Oxford Road Circuit. In 1949 the former United Methodist churches on Oxford Road, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, and Beswick Street, Ancoats, joined from Manchester (Oxford Road) ex-United Methodist Circuit. The former Primitive Methodist church on Burton Road, Withington, transferred from Manchester (Great Western Street) Circuit, but closed soon after in 1954. In 1951 East Didsbury Methodist Church was transferred from Stockport (Tiviot Dale) Methodist Circuit, followed, in 1964, by two other Didsbury churches, namely the former Primitive Methodist church in Albert Hill Street and St Paul's the former Wesleyan Methodist church, and the circuit was renamed Withington and Didsbury Methodist Circuit. The Manley Park church and Chorlton-cum-Hardy (Manchester Road) church from the former Manchester (Chorlton and Moss Side) Circuit were added in 1970, together with churches from Manchester (South East) Circuit, namely Barlow Moor, Levenshulme and Longsight (Northmoor Road). The circuit then reverted to its former name, Withington Methodist Circuit. The post 1970 circuit comprised the following churches: Barlow Moor Methodist, Chorlton-cum-Hardy (Manchester Road ex-Wesleyan Methodist), Didsbury Methodist (Sandhurst Road - opened 1987), Didsbury (Albert Hill Street - closed 1987), Didsbury (St Paul's - closed 1987), East Didsbury Methodist, Ladybarn Methodist (ex-Wesleyan Methodist), Levenshulme Methodist, Longsight (Northmoor Road ex-Wesleyan Methodist), Manley Park Methodist (ex-Wesleyan Methodist), Withington Methodist (ex-Wesleyan Methodist)
This collection is an amalgamation of several deposits. Records were transferred in March 1968, from Methodist Central Hall, by E.A.Rose, Honorary Methodist District Archivist, in August 1997, by Rev.Colin Cooper, Superintendent Minister, Withington Circuit (Accession Number 1997/50), a stray item was purchased from a bookseller by E.A.Rose (Accession Number 1998/42) and further records were deposited in October 1999 and January 2000 by Rev. Dan Patterson, Superintendent Minister, Withington Circuit (Accession Numbers 1999/89 and 2000/13). Additional items were deposited by Rev. David Copley, Superintendent Minister, Manchester and Salford Methodist Mission (Accession Number 2003/8) in April 2001 (2002/11: M67/2/2/1/2, M67/2/3/5/4, M67/2/3/6/1-3) and March 2003 (2003/8: M67/2/2/2/6)
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Arrangement:Arranged by circuit and then by churches within these circiutsOld Accession Number: 2001/15 1997/50 1998/38 1998/42 1999/89 2000/13 2001/11 2002/15 2019/16 2020/4
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