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Manchester (North) and Middleton Methodist Circuit
Manchester (North) and Middleton Methodist Circuit
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M80/1 Manchester (North) and Middleton CircuitM80/2 Culcheth Methodist Church (ex-Methodist New Connexion), Newton HeathM80/3 Moston Methodist Church (ex-Streetfold United Methodist Free Church)M80/4 Moston, Chain Bar Methodist Church (ex-United Methodist Free Church)M80/5 Harpurhey Methodist Church (ex-Wesleyan Methodist)M80/6 Failsworth, Bethel Methodist New Connexion Church, Oldham RoadM80/7 Failsworth Wesleyan Methodist Church, Oldham RoadM80/8 Failsworth, Holy Family (Lord Lane Methodist Society)M80/9 Middleton, Long Street Methodist Church (ex-Wesleyan Methodist)M80/10 Middleton Primitive Methodist CircuitM80/11 Middleton, Morton Street Primitive Methodist ChurchM80/12 Middleton, Jumbo Primitive Methodist ChurchM80/13 Rhodes Methodist Church (ex-Primitive Methodist), Chapel StreetM80/14 Bowlee Primitive Methodist ChurchM80/15 Langley Methodist ChurchM80/16 Middleton Junction Wesleyan Methodist ChurchM80/17 Rhodes Wesleyan Methodist Church, Manchester Old RoadRelated Material:Manchester (North East) Methodist Circuit (GB127.M60), Cheetham Hill Methodist Circuit, 1779-1979 (GB127.M235), Methodist marriage registers, 1848-1974 (GB127.M275) all held at Manchester Archives and Local Studies.Place:/Harpurhey/Manchester/Lancashire/England/Moston/Manchester/Lancashire/England/Newton Heath/Lancashire/England/Failsworth/Manchester/Lancashire/England/Middleton/Middleton/Lancashire/EnglandManchester/Manchester/Manchester/Lancashire/EnglandManchester Metropolitan District/Greater Manchester/England
Manchester (North) and Middleton Methodist Circuit
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The circuit was formed in 1970 by the amalgamation of the Manchester (North East) Methodist Circuit and the Middleton Methodist Circuit. The new circuit comprised the following churches: Culcheth Methodist (ex-MNC), Failsworth (Bethel) MNC, Failsworth (Holy Family), Failsworth Wesleyan Methodist, Harpurhey Methodist (ex-Wesleyan Methodist), Langley Methodist, Middleton (Long Street) Methodist, Moston Chain Bar Methodist (ex-UMFC), Moston Methodist (ex-Streetfold UMFC), Moston (St Mary's Road) MNC, Newton Heath Wesleyan Methodist, New Moston PM, Rhodes Methodist (ex-PM), White Moss Methodist, Woodhouses Wesleyan Methodist The circuit continued for thirty years, during which time a new church, named Hope Methodist, was opened in Failsworth, but several other churches closed. The later circuit comprised the following churches: Culcheth Methodist, Failsworth (Holy Family), Failsworth (Hope) Methodist, Harpurhey Methodist, Langley Methodist, Middleton (Long Street) Methodist, Moston Chain Bar Methodist, Moston Methodist In September 2002 the circuit was incorporated into a new Manchester Circuit along with the Withington, Droylsden and Openshaw and Manchester and Salford Mission Circuits.
Deposit received from the minister of Culcheth Methodist Church in Nov 1966: M80/2/2/1/1-2, M80/2/2/2/1, M80/2/2/3/1, M80/2/2/4/1-2, M80/2/2/5/1, M80/2/2/7/1, M80/2/3/1/1-7, M80/2/3/2/1, M80/2/3/2/3-7, M80/2/3/3/1, M80/2/3/4/1-3, M80/2/3/5/1-3, M80/2/3/7/1-2, M80/2/3/7/1-2, M80/2/4/1-4, M80/2/4/2/1-3, M80/2/4/3/1, M80/2/4/4/1-3, M80/2/4/5/1-6, M80/2/4/6/1-2, M80/2/4/7/1-5, M80/2/4/8/1-2, M80/2/4/9/1-2, M80/2/4/10/1-7, M80/2/5/1/1-4, M80/2/5/2/1-4, M80/2/5/3/1-3, M80/2/5/4/1-4, M80/2/5/5/1-3, M80/2/5/6/1, M80/2/5/7/1-2, M80/2/5/8/1-10, M80/2/5/9/1, M80/2/5/10/1-2, M80/2/5/11/1-2, M80/2/6/1/1-3, M80/2/6/2/1-2, M80/2/6/3/1-5, M80/2/6/4/1-2, M80/2/6/5/1 Additional deposit received from C.E. Belfield in Jan 1969: M80/3/2/1/1, M80/3/3/1/1, M80/3/3/2/1, M80/3/3/3/1, M80/3/3/4/1, M80/4/2/2/1, M80/5/2/1/1-3, M80/5/2/5/1, M80/5/3/1/1, M80/5/3/2/1-6, M80/5/3/3/1M80/5/6/1/1 Additional deposit received from Rev. K.Crossland, Middleton Methodist Circuit, in Apr 1971: M80/9/2/1/1, M80/10/1/1/6-7, M80/10/2/1/1, M80/10/3/1/1-2, M80/10/4/1/1, M80/11/1/3/1, M80/14/1/1/1, M80/14/1/2/1, M80/14/2/1/1, M80/14/3/1/1-2, M80/14/3/2/1 Additional deposit received from Rev. W. Wallbank, Superintendent Minister of the Manchester (North) and Middleton Methodist Circuit, in Jun 1978: M80/2/2/6/1, M80/9/3/1/2-3, M80/10/1/1/1, M80/11/1/1/1-2, M80/11/1/2/1, M80/11/2/1/1-2, M80/11/3/1/1-2, M80/12/2/1/1, M80/15/1/1/1 Additional deposit received from Rev. Parfitt in Mar 1979: M80/17/2/1/1, M80/17/2/2/1-4 Additional deposit received from Rev. M. Faulkner in Jun 1981: M80/4/2/1/2, M80/4/3/2/1, M80/7/2/1/2, M80/7/2/3/1, M80/7/4/1/3-4, M80/7/4/2/1, M80/8/1/1/1-3, M80/8/1/2/1-2 Additional deposit received from Rev. M. Faulkner in Mar 1983: M80/7/2/1/1, M80/7/2/1/3, M80/7/2/2/1-5, M80/7/2/3/2, M80/7/2/4/1-2, M80/7/2/5/1, M80/7/3/1/1-3, M80/7/3/2/1, M80/7/3/3/1-2, M80/7/3/4/1-11, M80/7/3/5/1, M80/7/3/6/1-4, M80/7/3/7/1-2, M80/7/3/8/1, M80/7/4/1/1-2, M80/7/4/3/1-2, M80/7/4/4/1, M80/7/4/5/1-3 Additional deposit received from Rev. M. Faulkner and P Holden in Mar 1986 and Jan 1989: M80/5/1/1/1-2, M80/5/1/2/1-7, M80/5/2/1/4, M80/5/2/2/3-5, M80/5/2/3/1-4, M80/5/2/4/1, M80/5/2/5/1, M80/5/2/6/1-5, M80/5/3/4/1-8, M80/5/3/5/1-6, M80/5/3/6/1-6, M80/5/4/1/1-2, M80/5/4/2/1-2, M80/5/4/3/1-2, M80/5/4/4/1-3, M80/5/5/1/1-6, M80/5/5/2/1-3, M80/5/5/3/1, M80/5/5/4/1, M80/5/5/5/1-3, M80/5/5/5/1-2, M80/5/5/7/1-12, M80/5/5/8/1-8, M80/5/5/9/1, M80/5/5/10/1-2, M80/5/5/11/1, M80/5/5/12/1, M80/5/5/13/1-2, M80/5/5/14/1-6, M80/5/6/2/1-8, M80/5/6/3/1, M80/5/6/4/1-4 Additional deposit received from Rev. Alison Tomlin in Oct 1988, Apr and May 1989: M80/6/1/1/1-2, M80/6/2/1/1-2, M80/6/2/2/1-3, M80/6/2/3/1-2, M80/6/2/4/1-7, M80/6/2/5/1-4, M80/6/2/6/1-2, M80/6/2/7/1, M80/6/3/1/1-4, M80/6/3/2/1, M80/6/3/3/1-3, M80/6/3/4/1-7, M80/6/3/5/1, M80/6/3/6/1-2, M80/6/3/7/1, M80/6/5/1/1-3, M80/6/5/2/1-2 Additional deposit received from Rev. J.L. Forster, Superintendent Minister of the Manchester (North) and Middleton Methodist Circuit, Jul-Sep 1991: M80/9/1/2/1, M80/12/1/1/1, M80/16/1/1/1-2, M80/16/1/2/1, M80/16/3/1/1, M80/17/1/1/1 Additional deposit received from Rev. J.L. Forster Feb-Jun 1993: M80/1/1/2/1, M80/1/3/2/1, M80/6/4/1/1, M80/9/1/1/1-2, M80/10/1/1/2-5, M80/11/3/2/1, M80/13/1/1/1, M80/15/1/2/1, M80/15/2/2/1-3, M80/15/2/3/1, M80/15/3/1/1, M80/15/3/2/1, M80/16/2/1/1 Additional deposit received from Rev. J.L. Forster in Nov 2001 [accession 2001/29]: M80/2/1/1/1, M80/2/2/2/2, M80/2/2/6/2, M80/2/3/2/2, M80/2/3/6/1, M80/3/1/1/102, M80/3/1/2/1-5, M80/3/3/1/2, M80/3/4/1/1-2, M80/3/4/2/1/1, M80/3/4/4/1-2, M80/3/5/1/1, M80/4/1/1/1-2, M80/4/1/2/1-5, M80/4/2/1/1, M80/4/2/3/1-2, M80/4/3/1/1, M80/4/4/1/1, M80/5/2/2/2, M80/5/2/2/6-7, M80/6/1/1/3, M80/7/1/1/1-3, M80/7/1/2/1-10, M80/9/2/1/2, M80/9/2/2/1-6, M80/9/3/1/1, M80/9/3/2/1, M80/9/4/1/1/1-2, M80/9/5/1/1, M80/10/1/2/1-5, M80/11/2/2/1-2, M80/13/2/2/1-2, M80/13/3/1/1, M80/15/2/1/1 Additional deposit received from Rev. J.L. Forster in Nov 2002 [accession 2002/29]: M80/
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