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Records of the Manchester Branch of the Transport and General Workers' Union
Records of the Manchester Branch of the Transport and General Workers' Union
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Amalgamated Association of Tramway, Hackney Carriage Employees and Horsemen in General annual reports 1896, 1901. Amalgamated Association of Tramway and Vehicle Workers rules 1902, 1912, annual reports 1902, 1904-1906, 1908-1911, 1914-1918, annual delegate meeting reports 1917-1919.United Vehicle Workers annual reports 1920, 1921, rules 1920.Transport and General Workers' Union. Minutes: Manchester Central Committee 1935, Manchester 6/5 Branch Central Committee 1937-1953, Manchester Passenger Section General Committee 1953-1954, Manchester Passenger Committee 1954-1960, General Sheds Committee of the Manchester Passenger Section 1962-1963, Manchester Passenger Services Committee 1966-1969, Manchester Passenger Services Central Sheds Committee, from 10 October 1969 SELNEC Divisional Committee, Sheds Section 1965-1969, 6/5/8 Branch 1968, 6/48 and 6/5/1 Branch meeting 1969Post War Sub-committee 1945, Schedules and Seniority Sub-committee 1946, meetings of Manchester Corporation Transport with members of T & G W U 1950-1969, committees of the National Joint Industrial Council - Works Committee 1964-1969, Clothing Sub-committee 1958-1963, Paying In Sub-committee 1955-1969, Bus Design Sub-committee 1953-1969, Charitable Contributions Sub-committee 1966-1969, Complaints Sub-committee, One Man Bus Operation Sub-committee and Minimax Sub-committee 1963-1970, National Council of NJIC 1961-1968.Works Committee correspondence 1967, Clothing Sub-committee correspondence 1963-1970, Paying In Sub-committee 1953-1969, Bus Design Sub-committee correspondence 1953-1969. Correspondence files 1944-1970. Correspondence with individual members 1960-1969.Annual reports 1923-1925, 1929; handbook of wages and conditions 1962; branch subscriptions 1967-1968; miscellaneous papers including printed agreements 1932-1960, Manchester and Stockport Corporation rules 1901-1914, newspaper cuttings 1889-1942, group photographs c1900-1947 Place:Manchester/Manchester/Manchester/Lancashire/England
Records of the Manchester Branch of the Transport and General Workers' Union
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Received on 4 August 1969. Additional deposit received on 11 March 1971.
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