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Manchester (South East) Methodist Circuit
Manchester (South East) Methodist Circuit
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M114/1 Manchester (South East) Methodist Circuit formerly Manchester (Longsight) Wesleyan Methodist CircuitM114/2 Manchester (Higher Ardwick) Methodist Circuit formerly Manchester 4th Primitive Methodist CircuitM114/3 Longsight, College Chapel, Dickenson RoadM114/4 Palmerston Street Primitive Methodist MissionM114/5 Gorton Wesleyan Methodist Church, Cross LaneM114/6 Longsight Wesleyan Methodist Church, Stockport RoadM114/8 West Gorton Wesleyan Methodist Church, Hyde RoadM114/9 Levenshulme, Alma Park United Methodist Free Church, Stockport RoadM114/10 Levenshulme, Chapel Street Wesleyan Methodist MissionM114/11 Levenshulme, Cromwell Grove Primitive Methodist ChurchM114/12 Ardwick, Hyde Road Primitive Methodist ChurchM114/13 Gorton, Crossley Street Primitive Methodist ChurchM114/14 Gorton Brook Primitive Methodist Church, Gorton LaneM114/15 Ardwick, Grey Street (Rose View) Primitive Methodist ChurchM114/16 Ardwick, Higher Ardwick Primitive Methodist ChurchM114/17 Gorton, Wellington Street Primitive Methodist ChurchPlace:/Manchester/Manchester/Lancashire/England/South Manchester/Manchester/Lancashire/England
Manchester (South East) Methodist Circuit
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MANCHESTER (SOUTH EAST) METHODIST CIRCUIT The circuit originated as Manchester (Longsight) Wesleyan Methodist Circuit formed in 1879 out of Manchester (Grosvenor Street) Wesleyan Methodist Circuit. In 1897 the Droylsden and Openshaw churches left to form Manchester (Droylsden) Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, leaving behind the core of Longsight and Gorton churches: Longsight Wesleyan Methodist, Northmoor Road Wesleyan Methodist in Longsight (opened 1911), Gorton Wesleyan Methodist (Cross Lane) and West Gorton Wesleyan Methodist. The circuit continued after the Methodist Union of 1932 until 1944 when it was re-united with Manchester (Grosvenor Street) Circuit, which by then contained only two churches - Plymouth Grove in Chorlton-upon-Medlock and Chancery Lane in Ardwick. The new circuit was called Manchester (South East) Methodist Circuit and to it were added the Gorton churches from Manchester (Openshaw) ex-United Methodist Circuit - namely Hyde Road ex-UM and Wellington Street ex-Primitive Methodist - and also College Chapel in Longsight, which was formerly in the Manchester (Oxford Road) ex-UM Circuit. The 1960's saw further additions to the circuit, as churches from the Manchester (Higher Ardwick) ex-Primitive Methodist Circuit joined in 1962 - namely Higher Ardwick, Crossley Street in Gorton and Gorton Brook - and churches from Stockport (Tiviot Dale) Methodist Circuit joined in 1964 - namely Levenshulme ex-Wesleyan Methodist, Alma Park in Levenshulme and Aspinal in Gorton. Along with the additions, there were also a number of closures and by 1970 the South East Circuit comprised the following churches: Chorlton-upon-Medlock (Plymouth Grove Wesleyan Methodist), Gorton (Aspinal), Gorton (Crossley Street PM), Gorton Methodist (Hyde Road), Levenshulme Methodist (ex-Wesleyan Methodist), Longsight (College Chapel), Longsight (Northmoor Road), Longsight Wesleyan Methodist The South East Circuit was dissolved in 1970 and its remaining churches (several had closed) were transferred either to Manchester (Withington) Circuit or to the Manchester and Salford Methodist Mission. The exception was Aspinal Church, which joined the Hyde and Denton Circuit. ASSOCIATED FORMER CIRCUITS Manchester (Longsight) Wesleyan Methodist Circuit The circuit was formed in 1879 out of Manchester (Grosvenor Street) Wesleyan Methodist Circuit. In 1897 the Droylsden churches (Trinity, Edge Lane and Moorside Street) and the Openshaw churches (Stanley Street and Grey Mare Lane) left to form Manchester (Droylsden) Wesleyan Methodist Circuit. In 1944 the circuit was re-united with the Grosvenor Street Circuit, which by that time only had two churches remaining, and was re-named Manchester (South East) Methodist Circuit. Longsight Circuit comprised the following churches: Gorton Wesleyan Methodist (Cross Lane), West Gorton Wesleyan Methodist, Longsight Wesleyan Methodist, Longsight (Northmoor Road) Manchester (Higher Ardwick) Primitive Methodist Circuit This circuit originated as Manchester 4th Primitive Methodist Circuit, formed in 1863 out of Manchester 1st PM Circuit. Some of the member churches did not survive long: the Openshaw Chapel on Tuley Street closed in 1876, the Hyde Road Chapel in Ardwick closed in 1878 and the Palmerston Street Mission in Ancoats closed down in 1891 after about fifteen years of service. In 1893 the Higher Openshaw, Clayton (Bethel) and Bradford (Wellington Street) churches left to form the Manchester 9th PM (Higher Openshaw) Circuit. From then, however, the circuit remained strong and continued up to and after the Methodist Union of 1932. It comprised the following churches: Ardwick (Higher Ardwick PM), Ardwick (Grey Street/Rose View PM), Gorton (Crossley Street PM), Gorton Brook PM, Levenshulme (Cromwell Grove PM) In 1947 the circuit was joined by the churches of Manchester (New Islington) ex-PM Circuit - namely New Islington and Bradford Road in Ancoats - and was known as Manchester (Higher Ardwick and New Islin
The records were deposited in Aug 1971 by Rev. G.D. Clarke, in Sep 1972 and Feb 1974 by Rev. D. Deacon, and in Oct 1975 by E.A. Rose, Honorary Methodist District Archivist. Further deposits were made in May 1979 by the Manchester Polytechnic Archive Retrieval Unit, in Oct 1994 by E.A.Rose, in 1997 by Rev. John Cooper, Superintendent Minister, Withington Circuit, (accession number: 1997/50) and in 2001 by David Copley, Superintendent Minister, Manchester and Salford Methodist Mission (accession number: 2001/11).
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