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Records of the City of Manchester Petty Sessions Court [Magistrates Court]
Records of the City of Manchester Petty Sessions Court [Magistrates Court]
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Adult Court : Convictions 1839-1870 (these are loose papers detailing convictions for various crimes); Convictions (Bounded volumes) 1855-1915; Records of convictions for drunkenness 1867, 1900, 1901-1911; Habitual drunkenness 1901-1914; Vagrancy 1872-1912; Licensing convictions 1849, 1869-1908 (some gaps) Miscellaneous convictions 1869-1896; Depositions 1901, 1907, 1911, 1914-1915; Court Registers 1933-1937; Court Summons Books 1891-1968; Juvenile Court : Convictions 1847-1913; Depositions 1911-1915Minutes of Meetings of the Justices 1889-1965 (some volumes not deposited); Poor Rate Appeals 1860-1929; Probation Committee Minutes 1926-1938; Gas Meter Testing Committee Minutes 1896-1949; Office Committee Minutes 1903-1932 Draft Minutes of the Office Committee Minutes 1920-1949; Gaol Session Minutes 1875-1889; Visiting Committee HM Prison Manchester Minutes 1878-1888; Juvenile Panel Minutes (draft) 1933-1950; Approved School and Fit Person Committal Orders 1952-1970; Plaint and Minute Books Employers and Workmen Act 1875 1931-1965; Register of Lunatics 1896-1928Registers of Clubs c.1903-1962; Registers of Beerhouses etc. 1869-1871 (alphabetical by licensee); Registers of Beer, Wine, Spirits, Liquer and Sweet Retailers 1872-1873, 1875-1909 (by police district and street name); Registers of Licensed Premises 1900-1903; Register of Licensed Victuallers 1888-1909; Licensing Registers 1889-1960s (by police district and street name); Registers of Music, Dancing and Rooms 1880s-1927; Registers of Dancing, Music and Rooms Transfers 1903-1962; Applications for Music Exemptions 1945-1958; Special Sessions for Granting Music etc. Licences 1933-1962; Alehouse Licences Transfers 1930-1961; Surrender of Licences 1894-1927; Special Exemptions 1945-1964; Occasional Licence and Exemptions 1950-1956; Register of Licensing Complaints 1922-1950; Register of Licensed Premises in Burnage, Didsbury, Moss Side, Withington etc. on accession to City of Manchester 1904-1905; Licensing Compensation Authority letter book 1919-1935; Compensation Authority Receipt and Payments 1905-1943; List of Licenses referred to Compensation Committee 1938; Summons Register 1938; Registers of Moneylenders 1927-1950; Register of Billiard Licences c.1886-c.1937; Licensing Meetings Minutes 1874-1881; General Annual Licensing Meeting Minutes 1882-1911; Licensing Committee Minutes 1903-1966; Licensing Committee File 1929-1932; Licensing Planning Committee Minutes 1960-1966; Betting Licences Committee Minutes 1960-1967.See also licensing registers, 1960s-2006 (2010/25):These registers contain the following information:Name of licence holderDescription and address of licensed premisesDate licence grantedAddress of licensee/ownerParticulars of licence/permitDate of renewalDate of expiryConditionsInterim holdersDates of interim holders' licencesBOX 1Off licences (A-K by street), 1977-2005Off licences (L-Y by street), 1977-2005Gaming machine permits (A-M by street), 1970-1994Licences surrendered, extinguished, etc. (A-Mo by street) , 1945-1995BOX 2Club licences (arranged by GR number: GR7-GR296), 1970-2005Licences in suspense (A-Ke by street), 1959-1981Publican licenses (A-Ex by street), 1942-2005Publican licenses (F-Ox by street), 1960-2005Publican licenses (P-Z by street), 1960-2005Club, restaurant and residential licences (A-W by street), 1968-2005BOX 3Gaming licences (arranged by GL number: GL1-GL43, index at front), 1970-2006Register of clubs (A-U by name of club), 1962-2005Register of clubs ceased (A-Z by name of club), 1962-2005BOX 4Provisional publican, restaurant and off licences (A-W), 1939-1994Gaming machine permits (N-Y by street), 1970-1994Betting office licences (arranged by B.O.L. number; indexed by street), 1971-2007)Licences surrendered, extinguished, etc. (N-Z by street) , 1945-1995BOX 5Licences in suspense (L-Y by street), 1959-1981Bookmakers permits (A-W by surname), 1964-2006)Beer, wine and cider only (A-W by street), 1974-2006)Extinguished bookmakers' licences (A-Z by surname), 1960-1992Related Material:See M809 for newscuttings, 1876-1922, and Reports of the Office Committee, 1923 onwards, which include information on the appointment of justices. See Chief Constable's Annual Reports (Local Studies) for yearly statistics by type of crime.Place:/Manchester/Manchester/Lancashire/England
Records of the City of Manchester Petty Sessions Court [Magistrates Court]
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Petty Sessions Courts met daily and dealt with minor crimes, licensing, juvenile offenders and civil matters such as bastardy and child maintenance. They were also responsible for victualer's licensing.
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Transferred by the Magistrates Court in 1964, 1971 and 1999 RECORDS NOT DEPOSITED: Adoption registers (8 vols), 1927-1970s Plans of licensed premises (includes cinemas etc.) (34 boxes), late 1800s-early 2000s Justices meeting minutes (3 vols), 1932-1945) Office committee minutes (1 vol), 1946-1951) Magistrates Court committee minutes (1 vol), 1952-1954 (NB: the 7 vols of cash books of cash books found with the juvenile court registers were not deposited as they were judged of insufficient historical value)
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