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Signed Minutes
Signed Minutes
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B10/1/1. Minutes prior to 1885 Act. 1882-1887B10/1/2. Shareholders Minutes 1896-1914B10/1/3. Board Minutes 1885-1944B10/1/4. Executive Committee 1882-1909B10/1/5. Works Committee 1887-1940B10/1/6. Traffic and Rates Committee 1891-1900B10/1/7. Land and Estate Committee 1893-1934B10/1/8. Labour Executive 1916-1936B10/1/9. Pilotage Committee 1895-1945B10/1/10. Attendance books of Pilotage Committee 1895-1955B10/1/11. Tolls Rates and Charges Committee 1904-1937B10/1/12. Finance Committee 1934-1943B10/1/13. Stores Committee 1939-1943B10/1/14. Bridgewater Committee 1930-1938B10/1/15. Sub-Committee Minutes 1904-1934B10/1/16. Agendas of General Meetings 1893-1929
Signed Minutes
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From 18 Dec 1891 Responsibility of Executive Committee changed. Traffic Land & Parliamentary Committee taking over the functions of the Executive. The latter now consisting of four Directors appointed by Manchester Corporation and three appointed by the shareholders Executive to carry out works order materials to complete the council. (Inc copies of contracts) The Executive Committee became the Works committee in 1909. Or rather the Works Committee took over the functions of the Executive Committee. In Dec 1891 the Works Committee was discontinued together with the Special Committee. See individual Committes for brief histories.
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