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Collyhurst, Albert Memorial, with Newton Heath, St. Augustine
Collyhurst, Albert Memorial, with Newton Heath, St. Augustine
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Records including Baptismal Registers, Marriage Registers, Banns Books, Registers of Services and Confirmation Registers of the Albert Memorial, Collyhurst together with Minutes of the Records of the Parochial Church Council. and Records of Churchwardens records Records of St. Augustine's church including Baptismal Registers 1881-1964; Marriage Registers 1889-1963; Banns Books 1965-1970 and Plans 1938Related Material:The Archives Department also has Archdeacon John Rushton's Visitation Papers which include miscellaneous papers about the church, 1863-65 (MS f 942.72 R121 vol.43); Letter from Sir Oswald Mosley referring to his gift of land, 1865 (M145/1/5/16); School building grant plans, 1862-1877 (Ref GB127.M28/14,22); Log Books and other school records, 1863-1969 (Ref GB127.M66/125). Place:/Newton Heath/Lancashire/England/Collyhurst/Manchester/Manchester/Lancashire/England
Collyhurst, Albert Memorial, with Newton Heath, St. Augustine
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The two parishes were united in 1968 by Order in Council, 26 July (London Gazette, 2 August 1968), Albert .Memorial becoming the church for the united parish. Albert Memorial was built in memory of Prince Albert on land given by Sir Oswald Mosley and was consecrated on 25 April 1864. It was assigned a District from the George's, Manchester and Christ Church, Harpurhey cum Moston, by Order in Council, 7 January (London Gazette, 10 January 1865). In 1874 St. Jame's, Collyhurst, was formed from the parish by Order in Council, 28 November (London Gazette, 1 December 1874). Part of the parish was assigned to the new St. Augustine's, Newton Heath, in 1889 by Order in Council 5 July (London Gazette, 9 July 1889). The two parishes were re-united in 1968. In 1972 the united parish along with the parishes of St. James, Collyhurst and St. Catherine with St. Oswald, Collyhurst, joined together to form the Church of the Saviour, Collyhurst. (Order in Council, 26 July, London Gazette, 28 July 1972.)
The following records were deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office in July 1972 by Rev. L. Fraser, in September 1975 and June 1980 by Rev. A.E. Lucas and in April 1982 by Rev. A.G. Pearse.
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