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Newton Heath, St. Anne
Newton Heath, St. Anne
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Records of Incumbent : Baptism Registers 1876-1972; Marriage Registers 1883-1971; Banns Books 1883-1971; Marriage Licences 1945, 1971; Confirmation Register 1949-1969; Records of the Churchwarden : Including Accounts 1903-1925; Bank Pass Book 1912-1921; Subscriptions 1959-1962; Records of the Day School : Managers' Minutes 1903-1951; Insurance 1934-1953; Related Material:The Archives section also has a parish map of All Saints, which refers to St. Anne's (Ref GB127.M362/1/28/1,2); Service Sheets for the Five Churches Mission, 1959-1960 (Ref GB127.M178/1/11/17-20) and Papers relating to the Union with St. Wilfrid's, 1973-1974 (Ref GB127.Ml 78/1/16/1-3) Parish magazines 1956-1966 are held in the Local Studies Library.Place:/Newton Heath/Lancashire/England
Newton Heath, St. Anne
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St. Anne's church was consecrated on 13 January 1883. A description of the ceremony, and of the church, appears in the parish magazines of All Saints, Newton Heath, February and March 1883 (M36211/28/2). A District was assigned to the church, from the parish of All Saints, by Order in Council, 23 August 1883, (London Gazette, 11 September 1883). By Order in Council, 5 July 1889, (London Gazette, 9 July 1889), part was assigned to the new St. Augustine's, Newton Heath. In 1972 St. Anne's was closed, and the parish united with St. Wilfrid's, Newton Heath, as the parish of St. Wilfrid and St. Anne, by Order in Council, 24 May 1973, London Gazette 31 May 1973) The church was declared redundant in 1974, and demolished in 1978.
The records were deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office in January 1973, Mar 1976 and September 1978, by Mr E Banks, former Records of the Churchwarden, and in September 1996 and December 1997 (Accession 1997/66), by Rev G N Dobson.
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Old Accession Number: 1997/66 1996/Sep 9
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