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Glass slides related to John William Withington
Glass slides related to John William Withington
Hough, Geoff, of Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire1909-1910
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The final contact sheet marked Slide Shows, shows slides which Withington used at Church events etc. Some are taken from books.Related Material:See also deposit no.1102 for further informationPlace:Manchester Lancashire
Glass slides related to John William Withington
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Collection of glass slides were taken and printed by John William Withington, Mr. Hough's great-grandfather. Withington was possibly born in Droylsden, but he certainly lived there in middle life (i.e. early 1900's) as he was active in Trinity Church, he lived in College Avenue. He was in charge of the tinsmiths at 38, Field Street. He worked for Whitworths in Old Trafford possibly as the foreman of a shop making 9'naval guns. Had three daughters, Ada, Mary and Harriet and one son, William. His daughter, Harriet lived at 9, Peel Street, Droylsden and the slides were kept there for some time. Withington's first wife died, he lived with Harriet and then married again and retired to Southport. Information supplemented by Mary Ireland, Mr. Hough's god-mother. Glass Slides.
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