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Manchester and Salford Council of Social Services
Manchester and Salford Council of Social Services
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Minutes of Committees of the Council including Library Committee 1932-1969; Mutual Registration Committee (forerunner of the Family Welfare Association of Manchester and Salford); Women's Voluntary Work Sub-Committee 1929-1930; Minutes of the Gaddum House Youth Group 1939-1957; Youth Sub-Committee Minutes 1942-1943; Correspondence 1939-1941; Youth Advisory Group 1949-1954; Citizens Advice Bureaux Committee Minutes 1939-1945; Social Welfare Committee 1942-1969; Social Workers Group Minutes 1943-1958; Community Services Committee copy minutes 1945; Salford Social Services Committee Minutes 1947-1955; Problem Families Liaison Committee Minutes 1947-1949; Voluntary Visiting Service Case Papers 1957-1958; Working Group on Problems of Homelessness 1955-1963; Minutes of the Golden Jubilee Committee 1969-1972; Minutes of the Ladies Public Health Society 1909-1924; Minutes of the Manchester School for Mothers 1908-1935; Minutes of the Manchester & District Homes for Women 1958-1965 and accounts for the same 1943-1966; Annual Reports 1938-1964; Correspondence with the Nuffield College Social Reconstruction Survey 1941-1945; Files of correspondence with notes and leaflets on the following areas : Altrincham 1939-1942, Bolton 1941-1942, Burnley 1941-1943, Bury 1942-1943, Longdendale 1941-1942, Rochdale 1941-1942 and Warrington 1941-1942. Reports on Voluntary Social Services in Devon , London, Bethnal Green, Hull, Leeds and Bristol 1942; Records of Manchester and Salford Medical Charities Fund including Minutes of the Governing Committee 1946-1970; Correspondence 1969-1971; Register of Members 1940-1951; Records of the Manchester War Memorial Committee 1949-1959Files concerning the following organisations : Reports of the Working Party on Social Work in Local Authority Health and Welfare Services 1955-1956; National Federation of Community Associations minutes and correspondence 1958-1967; Manchester and District Federation of Community Associations minutes and correspondence 1949-1967; Misceelaneous Community Associations correspondence 1954-1961; City of Manchester Education Committee Community Centres Sub Committee minutes and correspondence 1951-1967; Lancashire Federation of Community Service Clubs minutes 1960; Manchester and Salford District Council of Churches correspondence and minutes 1958-1960; Manchester Council of Christians and Jews correspondence and minutes 1958-1960; International Council of Manchester and District minutes 1962-1966, accounts 1963-1966 and correspondence 1962-1966; Manchester Council for Community Relations minutes 1968-1971; Manchester Pakistani Welfare and Information Centre Ltd. minutes and correspondence 1967-1968Related Material:A full run of the annual reports of the Manchester Council for Voluntary Service (formerly Manchester and Salford Council of Social Services) can be ordered in Local Studies, ref: 360 M16Place:/Manchester/Manchester/Lancashire/England/Salford/Manchester/Lancashire/England
Manchester and Salford Council of Social Services
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These records were passed to the Library in February 1974
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